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The ability to book flights with international airlines and explore other countries has attracted travelers for generations. In the 21st century, choosing the right international airline is more important than ever, as airlines and travel websites constantly change available discounts, benefits, routes, seat options and prices. All of these choices can affect your safety, comfort and convenience, as well as the level of service you will enjoy during your trip. Here are some international travel tips and ideas for seekersthe best airlinesfly abroad.

In short: Best international airlines from the USA

  • British Airways
  • Delta Airlines
  • ANA All Nippon Airways
  • United Airlines
  • korean air

The best airlines for international flights

International flights can be complicated enough, even if you've already chosen an airline. But if you need help choosing the best international airlines for your trip, the most important factor is your destination. Different airlines fly to different destinations, and most airlines have specific regions where their routes and fares offer the best options for that part of the world. If you start by narrowing down your destination to a specific region, state or city, the best options will often be clear based on available routes and flight times.

The best airlines from the US to Europe

Choosing the best airlines from the US to Europe depends on your definition of "best". If you are looking for an airline with multiple routes to European cities, choose American Airlines or Delta Air Lines. If you are looking for an international airline with multiple European connections to other international destinations, consider British Airways.

Travelers say:

  • "British Airways Business Class is a solid product and a great option for flights between New York and London."
  • "I recently had a great flight from London to the US. Excellent service and the flight was on time. The food was good and the desert was really good. Clean bathrooms. I love business class with American."
  • "I'm totally amazed at how well our trip to London, England went during these crazy travel times. Delta was amazing."

Top airlines from USA to Mexico

When it comes to traveling between the US and Mexico, Delta Air Lines and its close ties to Aeromexico are hard to beat. Delta owns a large percentage of Aeromexico, creating a strong partnership that jointly offers flights between several cities in Mexico and the United States. Transfers between the two airlines are deliberately simple and ensure seamless transitions from one part of your journey to the next. Both airlines have environmentally friendly fleets and the most modern aircraft available. Looking for cheaper tickets to Mexico? Consider Southwest Airlines, which flies numerous routes between the United States and some of Mexico's most popular vacation destinations.

  • Travelers say:
    "Great flight and weather. The best inflight entertainment. I would always take Delta to Cancun."
  • "Southwest is my airline of choice for flights to and from Cabo. They are excellent at customer service and go out of their way to meet your every need.
  • "Our trip to Cancun on Southwest Airlines went smoothly. Even our return flight went without a hitch."

Best US Airlines to the Caribbean

The Caribbean offers American residents many great opportunities for a quick escape to an island paradise. The best airlines from the US to the Caribbean are JetBlue Airways, Southwest andDelta Airlineswhich offers frequent flights between the most popular holiday destinations in the region.

Travelers say:

  • "OK, long time United Airlines travelers, we couldn't let the JetBlue flight time and price miss out on our trip to St. Lucy. WOW! New plane, on time, smooth departures, GREAT flight attendants who were PROFESSIONAL AND FRIENDLY!!! !! "
  • “Our first flight with Delta and it was truly amazing! The staff was very professional, kind and friendly. Customer service was definitely a priority. The flight was pleasant, a great selection of movies. GREAT JOB Delta!”
  • "During our breaks the staff and crew are always willing to help me make connections. Most of the time our connection is at BWI and MBJ and the people at those stations go above and beyond. Thank you, Southwest."

Best airlines from USA to South America

The history of Delta Air Lines in South America dates back to the early 1920s. In 2019, it was named the leading US airline for South America. Delta also acquired a 20 percent stake in South American airline LATAM, making it the leading US airline serving destinations in South America.

Travelers say:

  • “The food was better than previous international flights I've had with Delta. The flight arrived on time and my luggage arrived in excellent condition."
  • “My wife and I visit our family almost every year and have ONLY used Delta for the past few years. Great service, brand new plane, comfortable, super friendly, will go out of their way to meet you.

Best airlines from USA to Asia

United Airlines offers a large number of routes from the United States to Asia, providing travelers with extensive connectivity from points throughout the United States. Major Asian international carriers fly to West Coast cities, but few offer routes to US cities in the Midwest, South, and East Coast. Korean Air offers world-class service to Asia from cities throughout the United States. Japan's All Nippon Airways (ANA) also offers award-winning premium products to and from Asia from major US cities.

Travelers say:

  • "We often fly with Korean Air and every time we feel special. They give you slippers, handkerchiefs, they always bring you food and drinks."
  • “ANA's service from FSR to Narita and on to Jakarta was faultless. The food was first class.”
  • "Wow, UA finally delivers cabin service and business class dining to world standards."

Best airlines from USA to Australia

United Airlines is one of the best US carriers to fly to Australia, but if you want to immerse yourself in the Australian atmosphere, try flying with the country's flagship airline, Qantas, which offers 10 flights from the US to three different Australian destinations, including . travel with the world's largest aircraft, the Airbus A380. Superjumbo has upgraded business class cabins and an upper deck lounge.

Travelers say:

  • "Excellent service, friendly staff and high quality Qantas service that we love."
  • "Everything on the flight was perfect. My best flight ever with Qantas."
  • "I really enjoyed the experience and will definitely fly United Airlines again soon."

Tips for international travel

The choice of international airline is up to you. Do you want luxury or economy? Many different destinations or a few spectacular ones? These and other choices will determine which carrier you choose as the best international airline.

The destinations you choose will largely determine the options available, so choose your routes carefully. Every continent, country, city and district offers the opportunity to surround yourself with a new culture and meet new, fascinating people.

Since many international flights can last 10 hours or more, it's important to arrive at your destination well-rested and in the mood to do some work or sightseeing, and this can derail your entire trip.

Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right airline for your international flight.

With that in mind, here are a few things you should know before booking your next trip to another country.

How to get a passport?

Although the details of the passport process vary from country to country, it usually begins with the collection of official identification documents such as a driver's license and birth certificate. Then findHomepagefor the Prime Minister's Office of the government of which you are a citizen. Find information about applying for a passport. Download the form and submit the requested information, including information from personal documents. Most likely, copies of personal documents will be needed, as well as a photo of the head cut to the specified dimensions. You will probably have to pay a passport fee. If you want, these sites will tell you the location of the offices where you can bring your ID, photo and payment for your personal application. If you follow the instructions and everything goes smoothly, it often takes a few weeks to get your passport.

What to look for when choosing an international airline

When it comes to choosing an international airline, everyone has different priorities. Your choice of airline can depend on a combination of endless factors, including comfort, safety, service, amenities, seats, fares, routes, weather and even the type of aircraft you wish to fly. Let's look at some of these factors.


International flights often require passengers to sit for 10 hours or more, making the distance between seats a very important measure - especially for travelers with long legs and wide backs. Typical measures in this case are the width and the seat distance - the distance from backrest to backrest. Each airline determines the seat configuration for its aircraft.SeatGuru.comhas some of the best data on seat dimensions. If the seatcomfortimportant to you, book your international flight accordingly.


Ifølge nøje overvågede og let tilgængelige data er flyvende kommercielle flyselskaber en af ​​de sikreste måder at rejse på i verden.Dane. This is mainly due to the regulatory oversight carried out by the aviation authorities in each country.


Sometimes, if the food, drink and in-flight entertainment are good enough, they can make a good international flight memorable. The best international airlines know this, which is why they try to offer passengers delicious meals, refreshing drinks and opportunities to watch movies, TV and games in top quality. Check the prices of meals, drinks and entertainment on each airline's website or app.


Amenities on international flights can range from basic amenities (such as free headphones), semi-private lie-flat seats with extras such as skin care products, eye protection, blankets and pillows, to the extreme - including a private suite and cabin shower. A list of benefits is available on each airline's website. If facilities are important to you, book the right airline.


Some air travelers consider the airline's fleet when booking international flights. Each airline's fleet offers a different mix of aircraft, each with different characteristics related to age, cabin size, engine noise level and seat configuration. For example, travelers who know that a particular international airline is flying a new type of aircraft on a particular route may book that airline for their trip because they are familiar with that aircraft and want the special features that this type of jet offers provides.

Prepare for a flight to another country

Now that you know the best international flight options and what factors to be aware of, you can book your flight and begin an unforgettable journey discovering unique places and fascinating cultures. And if you want to learn more about aviation, including how to do itlearn to be a pilot, sign up for a subscriptionFLYING magazine.

Frequently asked questions

Which airline offers the cheapest flights to Europe?

Which airline is the cheapest for Europe depends on the time of year, place of departure and destination. Overall, however, Norse Atlantic Airways offers some of the cheapest flights from New York to London, as does Ryan Air. JetBlue Airways offers some of the cheapest flights from New York to London and from Los Angeles to London. Wizz Air also offers some of the cheapest flights from Los Angeles to London.

Is it safe to travel now?

Yes, it is safe to travel now, although, like everything else in life, there are no guarantees. The key to safe travel is knowing your personal limits and knowing exactly where you are going. Then apply best practices to the countries you plan to visit based on your research. Is there a COVID-19 pandemic in the country you plan to travel to? What about local security issues such as terrorism or riots? Find out by checking the US State Department website, which regularly updates detailed informationtravel advicefor hundreds of countries around the world.

Does the Caribbean count as international travel?

It depends on where you are coming from and where you are going. For example, if you fly from the US to a US territory in the Caribbean, such as Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands, then no, the Caribbean will not count as international travel. If you are traveling from one Caribbean country to another, yes, it will be considered international travel.


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