See how to dress for any type of interview (2023)

Knowing how to dress for an interview is an important part of preparing for an interview. The way you present yourself can subtly indicate that you understand (or don't understand) the company's business purpose and culture.

Selecting an appropriate set of interviews requires research and planning. You must dress in accordance with the organizational dress code and the intended role.

Dress code guidelines are being reconsidered beginning in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and increased telecommutingArticle from the Society for Human Resource Management. While companies are becoming increasingly lax with dress codes, it's still best to follow established guidelines for projecting a professional image.

Below are some tips on how to dress appropriately for your interview.

1. There is no "right" way to dress.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to preparing your interview attire. What you wear to interview one company may not be suitable for interviewing another company.

2. Dress for the work environment

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to preparing your interview attire. What you wear to interview one company may not be suitable for interviewing another company.

If you know someone who works at the organization, reach out for advice on what to wear. It's also okay to ask the person who invited you for an interview about the company's dress code. Even if the position you're applying for is remote, follow the company's dress code for your interview.

What if you've never seen the company's office and don't know anyone who works there? Here are some guidelines to help you decide on an appropriate look.

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Visit the company's website

A company's website can provide an indication of an organization's dress code. Learn more about the company and look for individual or group photos of employees, often found in the About Us or Meet Our Team sections.

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Use what you gather along with any other information you uncover to get a better idea of ​​the dress code for a job interview.

Pay attention if:

  • Employees are formally dressed and pose for photos.They wear dark dresses or suits with collared shirts, ties or scarves. They sit in structured rows with an upright posture.

    This could indicate that the office has a professional dress code. Of course, there's always a chance they'll be asked to dress up and pose as such for the site's photo. Do more research to confirm you're on the right track. Refer tobusiness professionalSection below this article for more information.

  • In the photos, the employees pose and dress casually.They wear sweaters, jeans, chinos, or skirts with a scoop neckline, V-neck, or open neckline. They casually pose for pictures as if they're hanging out together.

    This could indicate that the company has a casual or even casual dress code. Of course you want to update your outfit for the interview. Refer toBusiness casualsection below for more information.

Check photos from Google Maps

Photos of the business exterior are usually posted on Google Maps if you can identify the business location. Photos of the interiors may also be present, which may indicate a company's dress code.

Simple, modern or technological decorations can suggest aBusiness casualWorkwear. Traditional upholstered furniture, heavy-looking wood tables, and plush rugs could you suggest onebusiness professionalWorkwear. Keep digging to see if your guess is correct.

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Do an industry search

Search Google for terms that could lead to blogs about interview attire for different industries. For example, if you're interviewing for a technology-focused company, you might search "technology business dress code" for advice. For a professional office environment, such as a legal or accounting office, you can search for "dress code guidelines for professional offices".

3. Dress for the role

A good rule of thumb is to dress as if you are applying for a higher position than the job you are interviewing for. Clean, neutral pants or pants, shirts, and jackets are safe and appropriate choices.

Choose practical fabrics

A bright shirt might look great for a night out, but it can be very distracting at a job interview. Use fabrics that look and feel good on you. Make sure they are clean and ironed and not too tight or too loose. You might consider fabrics that stretch a little.

dressed for the weather

You don't look and feel comfortable in a fleece jacket on a hot day or in thin, cool fabrics on a bitterly cold day. Bring a waterproof jacket or an umbrella if it is likely to rain on the day of the interview. You can convey that you are well prepared and adaptable, which are good qualities for any job.

Use colors that reflect the workplace and role

The colors you use for interviews can evoke certain impressions. For jobs in more formal sectors, such as legal and banking, clothes in shades of gray, black and blue are good. These colors are good resources for almost any interview. Save the more colorful shades like purple, green, and yellow for creative interviews.

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4. Know the types of business styles

These office dress codes are the most common for job interviews:

  • business professional
  • Business casual

business professional

Classics for this look are well-fitting jackets or sweaters paired with light-colored button-down shirts. Tailored trousers, trousers or skirts (not too short!) are good options. It's okay to add a tie or scarf, but keep the pattern and color simple. Genuine or imitation leather shoes in shades of brown or black can complete this look.

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Business casual

Khakis, chinos and more relaxed pants, dresses and skirts reinforce the look. It's safer to stay away from jeans for a job interview. Try to look a little more stylish than the average employee. A polo, blouse, or button-up shirt paired with a sport jacket or sweater makes a good business casual look. Please wear closed toe shoes and do not wear athletic shoes/sneakers.

5. Attire for a virtual interview

Assume that the rules for online interviews are the same as for face-to-face interviews. Follow the dress code that you have determined is appropriate for the role and work environment, even if the job involves working from home.

Your record in front of the camera is part of the overall picture the interviewer gets of you. Make sure it exudes professionalism and is free of clutter, pets, passers-by, and other distractions.

head to toe dress

It goes without saying, but it's important that you are fully dressed, including shoes, for an online interview. Camera glitches occurred when candidates were dressed only from the waist up. You'll also feel more professional during the interview, which can instill confidence in the interviewer.

6. What not to wear to a job interview

You want the interviewer to focus on what you are saying, not what you are wearing.

Do not wear revealing clothes

Focus on your face by avoiding:

  • Striped shirts or tops
  • tight skirt
  • Anything that shows a lot of skin.

Do not wear flashy clothes

If you have any doubts about using a certain item, do not use it. You want the interviewer to focus on your face, your confidence and your words, not your clothes.

Avoid using:


  • disturbing impressions
  • Messages - anything with a message printed on it, including most graphics
  • colored shoes
  • shiny jackets
  • Neon colors, except as accents, like a blouse under a suit.
  • Sunglasses, unless medically necessary
  • Lots of distracting jewelry

uncomfortable clothes

If you feel uncomfortable in your clothes, chances are it will show. You don't want to distract the interviewer by tugging and tugging at your collar or clothing. Use fabrics that you know you are comfortable with.

7. What to wear for other types of work

Here are some ideas for appropriate attire for certain types of interviews:

Tips for Jobs at a College or University

Use the business dress suggestions as a general guide for college assignments. If you are applying for an on-campus footwork support position, you may choose to follow informal business guidelines. Remember, you can always call and ask which outfit is suitable for the position you are applying for.

tips for internships

Strike a balance between general professional business guidelines and business casual attire. Also consider the environment in which you will be working. For example, if it's a law firm or a bank, it would be wise to keep the former's clothes.

Summer job tips

Do not wear casual summer clothes such as shorts, flip flops, tops, sandals or anything that reveals interviews. Choose clothes from the Business Casual category.

More resources for students

There's more than one way to dress for an interview. The key is to find the combination that fits the role and the work environment so that you feel comfortable in your interview attire. Refer toPurdue University Global Career Resource Blogfor more useful information.

Purdue Global offers more than175 Online Programincluding associate's, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees and certificates. If a degree or certificate would help you achieve your career goals,ask for more informationthrough our complete online programs.


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