Pricing and Reviews Microsoft Intune 2023 | (2023)

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Pricing and Reviews Microsoft Intune 2023 | (13)

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    • Please note that not all products are eligible for a GST invoice.Only certain items sold by participating dealers and carrying the "GST available" fee on the platform's product detail page will be eligible for a GST invoice.
      The following products and services do not meet the conditions of GST:

      - If goods are supplied with value-added services such as full mobile protection or insured buyback.
      - If the exchange offer is made when purchasing goods at the same time

    Note that your GST invoice must contain your GSTIN and the name of the business unit you have provided. Users must ensure that the data they enter is accurate. or seller will not consider any request to correct the GST and the seller is not responsible for any omissions from the user, including questions related to the information he provides.

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    Shipping and billing addresses must match; Additionally, the GST authority will not provide tax relief if the delivery address and GSTIN on the GST invoice are in different states. Please note that if incorrect GST details are provided when placing an order, the order will automatically be cancelled.

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About Microsoft Intune Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based MDM software that helps manage mobile and operating systems. It deals with the management of Mobility Enterprises Mobility (EMM). Programming offers endpoint management with employees, bring your own device (Boyd) and mobile devices to provide flexible ...Read more

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Pricing, features and software inspections Microsoft Intune

Information about Microsoft's Intune service

Microsoft is intuneCloud-based MDM softwareThis helps manage the mobile and the operating system.Focus on managing the enterprise Mobile (EMM).The software offersSlut -point managementwEmployees bring their own device (Boyd)and mobile devices to ensure flexibility at work.

Highly scalable and globally distributedSky architectureMicrosoft Intune allows users to use basic baselines and insights into security policies. In addition, the software even ensures complete security and confidentiality of available data.Office 365, through specific application access control pins and passwords. A global team of experts who are always ready to support the user at their convenience.

How can users manage apps with Microsoft Intune?

Microsoft Intune uses the followingMobile App Management (MAM)Application Management Functions.

  1. Distinguishes personal and professional data:The software ensures separation of company data from employee personal data.
  2. Assign a specific application:It allows the administrator to assign mobile applications to specific groups of users.
  3. Activity monitoring:The administrator can monitor the use of the application through the software.
  4. Secure access:Protects access to application -limiting user activity in terms of copying, bonding and savings.

Microsoft Interane prISER

The software costs Rs. NOK 395 per user per month.
Interested customers can ask for a return call and our product experts will offer you help with a license, an activation key and more.

Microsoft Intune latest version

The latest software version was launched in April 2020 and has the following features:

  1. Easily manage S/MIME settings:The latest version of the software allows users to use application configuration rules to manage S/MIME settings on Android devices.
  2. Test before publication:The software enables organizations to perform pre-purchase testing and manage many contracts within a single platform. Users can also see the path before a build is released in any application.
  3. Enable Microsoft Teams:MacOS users get accessMicrosoft-teamsAlong with the Microsoft Office application they are already using.
  4. Active notification:Users can send push messages to their customers as a courtesy of privacy if the ownership status of each unit changes from personal to business.
  5. Group targeting support:The latest version of Microsoft Intune allows users to customize portal websites, Intune Company portal apps, and more.
  6. Device Registration:Users can easily remove any standard profile and its associated Autologine token.However, they can only remove tokens if they are not assigned specific devices.

Compatible Microsoft Intune Platforms

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based software. Operating systems with which the software is compatible are:

  1. Windows 7 (Version 6.1 and Newer)
  2. Mac operating system
  3. iOS
  4. Android

What are the benefits of using Microsoft Intune?

  1. Central management:The software allows the central control and data functioning functions.Central control can easily determine the user's roles and access to the mobile app.
  2. Flexibility:This software provides flexibility to work with registered mobile devices.
  3. Secure access:The data supplied to this software remains protected in accordance with strict security rules according to corporate user identities. Microsoft Intuns can also improve the implementation of the Office365 Pro Plus service together with Windows 10 update.
  4. Compatibility:Microsoft Intune is compatible with multiple operating systems.This allows users to access and control data from any platform they choose.
  5. Quick implementation:All updates can be deployed on all stored devices without working with multiple individual devices.

Microsoft Intune pricing and plans

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Download the demonstration of Microsoft Intune

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Pricing and Reviews Microsoft Intune 2023 | (31)

Features in Microsoft Intune

Pricing and Reviews Microsoft Intune 2023 | (32)

Access control

The software allows users to define comprehensive data rules to limit unauthorized access

Pricing and Reviews Microsoft Intune 2023 | (33)

Information protection

Microsoft Intune users can create a shared environment that includes fine-grained data controls.They can also implement

Pricing and Reviews Microsoft Intune 2023 | (34)

Advanced threat protection

The Microsoft Intune service uses the Mobile Threat Defense connection to create a communication channel between the user's MTD service provider and

Pricing and Reviews Microsoft Intune 2023 | (35)

Cloud access control

The software includes an advanced cloud service architecture that is very scalable.Users can gain insight and create

Pricing and Reviews Microsoft Intune 2023 | (36)

Handling the mobile ecosystem from the cloud

Users can safely manage with multiple devices from a platform.Can even automate delivery, implementation, use

Microsoft Intune Specifications

  • Supported platforms:
  • Unit:
  • Application:
  • Suitable for:
  • Business Specificity:
  • Language:
  • Windows
  • Pulpit
  • On the website
  • All industries
  • All companies
  • English


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Published - January 11, 2021

Microsoft Brand Details

trade name Microsoft
Information Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technological company based in Redmond, Washington.
Year of establishment i 1975
Director/founders Paul Allen · Bill Gates
Company size 1000+ employees
Other products Microsoft Office 365 DLA Company (MOLP)WMicrosoft Office 365 Business BasicWOpen Microsoft Intune Service (MOLP),Microsoft OLP Open Licensing Program,

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Pricing and Reviews Microsoft Intune 2023 | (37)

Microsoft Intune


4.6 (1 review)


Pricing and Reviews Microsoft Intune 2023 | (38)

Pricing and Reviews Microsoft Intune 2023 | (39)

Pricing and Reviews Microsoft Intune 2023 | (40)

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Frequently asked questions about Microsoft Intune

Question Does Microsoft Intune offer conditional access? Pricing and Reviews Microsoft Intune 2023 | (51)

A. Users may indicate rules under certain conditions to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing important data.They can set conditions based on device mode, user, app sensitivity, location, etc.

Q: Can users protect data in Microsoft Intune without enrolling devices? Pricing and Reviews Microsoft Intune 2023 | (52)


Sp.Can I receive a demo version of Microsoft Intune? Pricing and Reviews Microsoft Intune 2023 | (53)

A. Yes, Techjockey provides network demo Microsoft Intane. You need to send us a request with a preferred date and time.

Sp.What are the system requirements for Microsoft Intune? Pricing and Reviews Microsoft Intune 2023 | (54)

A. Microsoft Intune is a cloud -based software and has the following system requirements: and exchanges active sync

Q: Any Microsoft Intune Mobile App? Pricing and Reviews Microsoft Intune 2023 | (55)

A. Yes, the software has a dedicated mobile application under the same name Microsoft Intune is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Microsoft Intune Alternative

It's different

Microsoft Intane - leftovers

it's different

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