Made in the USA T-Shirts (14 Big Brands in 2023) - All Made in America (2023)

There are few things more American than T-shirts. They were first introduced by the US Army as t-shirts, but today they are worn for much more than that and are the most popular casual garment. The problem is that many shirts are of poor quality and don't last very long, so it's a good idea to invest in quality shirts made in the USA.

Made in the USA T-Shirts (14 Big Brands in 2023) - All Made in America (1)

American t-shirts are usually made from high quality cotton and have an overall superior quality. In addition, buying American shirts also helps American workers and the local economy. In this list, we have a wide range of shirts for men and women.


  • List of shirts made in the United States
    • T-shirts in Knurrstil
    • All American Clothing Co.
    • love for homeland t-shirts
    • made here t-shirts
    • Jockey T-shirts
    • T-shirts manufactured by the Union
    • Bayside short sleeve shirts
    • Royal Apparel polyester performance t-shirts
    • Made in the USA Rogue Fitness Shirt
    • Goodwear Classic crew neck T-shirt with pocket
    • Bella Canvas unisex short sleeve t-shirt
    • American Apparel Men's 50/50 Short Sleeve Round Neck T-Shirt
    • Bayside 8100 USA Long sleeve shirt with pockets
    • American Made Supply Co.

List of shirts made in the United States

T-shirts in Knurrstil

Made in the USA T-Shirts (14 Big Brands in 2023) - All Made in America (2)

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founded company2009
materials100%cotton (most shirts)
sizingSmall to 3-Large

Origin of the Grunt style:

Founded in 2009, Grunt Style now employs nearly 400 veterans. This company really has the American spirit and they are so confident in their product that they back it with a lifetime warranty. I don't know of any other shirt that offers this! If you want, you canLearn more about the company on the About Us page here. If you're looking for patriotic Made in the USA t-shirts, these are a great option. They have a bunch of great options for both men and women.

Why we like these shirts:

Grunt Style is one of the largest T-shirt manufacturers in the United States. Their tights are extremely unique and designed more for an athletic body type. I personally own a few Grunt style shirts and I have to say they are the highest quality shirts I have ever worn. All tees feature an American flag on the shoulder and hundreds of designs to choose from.

When I was in the Marine Corps, you'd see guys wearing those shirts all over the base. When I got back to Pennsylvania, to my surprise, many civilians were also wearing their T-shirts. I think most people like its pathetic fit and great design patterns.

These are some of the most unique shirts I've ever owned because of the athletic fit. They are slightly narrower at the arms and cut short at the waist to give the wearer a sportier look. I personally love the fit, but depending on your body shape, they may or may not be right for you.

Anyone can wear Grunt-style t-shirts. The company's website states that youYou don't have to be a veteran to wear their clothes.But you have to love freedom. That said, Grunt style shirts are extremely popular with military, patriots and law enforcement. Try any of their shirts and I think you will be impressed. They have some t-shirts that don't have graphics, but they also have a wide variety of graphic t-shirts.

All American Clothing Co.

Made in the USA T-Shirts (14 Big Brands in 2023) - All Made in America (3)

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founded company2002
materials100% cotton
sizingsmall to 4X

Origem da All American Clothing Company:

All American Clothing Co was founded by Lawson Nickol, who worked as a sales manager for an American jeans manufacturer in 2002. Lawson's inspiration to start his business came one day while shopping for jeans. He noticed the company tag on a pair of jeans on the stand. When she started to read the tag on a pair of jeans, she realized they were made in Mexico and not in the US as she had expected. Because of this, he left to found the All American Clothing Company with his son BJ, and the two committed themselves to making clothing exclusively in the United States.

After Lawson's death in 2019, a generation of young entrepreneurs passionate about providing jobs for Americans took over the company, and Lawson family members remained involved in day-to-day operations. If you are looking for quality t-shirts made in the USA, I highly recommend this company. This company also makes a lot of excellent jeans and other clothing items. Be sure to visit their website and their about us page here forLearn more about the All American Clothing Company.

Why we like these shirts:

One complaint that we and many others have with regular t-shirts is the neckline and how quickly they tend to lose shape. We're happy to say this shirt doesn't have that issue.

Despite being put on and off several times, washed and dried, the necklace always keeps its shape and doesn't feel too tight around the neck.

We're also impressed with the shirt's double-stitched bottom hem and sleeves, which not only add a touch of style, but also make it more durable than shirts made with less attention to detail. The pocket on the left chest looks well secured and durable.

Some people notice that these shirts are a little smaller than expected, so keep that in mind when ordering. Also, don't forget to consider the 100% cotton construction, which may shrink.

If I had to be critical and point out something I don't like, it would be the small color options available at the time of writing. Otherwise, this is a comfortable, well-constructed, 100% made in the USA shirt that is well worth the price.

Who do we recommend these t-shirts to:

This is the perfect shirt for people who are simply looking for a well-made, no-frills cotton shirt at a mid-range price.

love for homeland t-shirts

Made in the USA T-Shirts (14 Big Brands in 2023) - All Made in America (4)

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founded company2016
materials100% cotton or 50% cotton, 50% polyester depending on model
sizingXS and 3XL

Love of Country Camisetas Company Origin:

Founded by an Air Force veteran, Love of Country Company continues to support the military, law enforcement and first responders today. If you are on active duty in the military or serve in the police, fire or self-defense, you will receive a 10% discount. They also have a 100% happiness guarantee which I think is great and shows they care about their customers. If you want, you canLearn more about Amor al Campo Company here.

Why we like these shirts:

The Love of Country company has a nice selection of patriotic tees made in New York or California and then printed in New York. Many of their garments are 100% cotton, but they also use an eco-friendly technology called RPET, which creates a soft fiber from discarded plastic. In general, I really like the shirts and the general spirit of the company.

Who do we recommend these t-shirts to:

These shirts are ideal for anyone who loves their country and wants a quality shirt. The company has a great spirit so it's great to support them and at the same time you get a quality shirt.

made here t-shirts

Made in the USA T-Shirts (14 Big Brands in 2023) - All Made in America (5)

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founded companyNot specified
materials100% spun cotton (most shirts)
sizingsmall for 2X

Love of Country Camisetas Company Origin:

Made Here was founded by Dane Chapin and Scott Eastwood, son of actor and director Clint Eastwood. Eastwood said he wants to create a company that is 100% rooted in America, from the people to the production process and everything in between. He met and became friends with Dane Chapin and the two shared a passion for quality work and American craftsmanship.

In addition to apparel, the entrepreneurs created Made Here Brewing, creating 100% American beer from start to finish. You really are great company. Check theMade Here Site here to learn more about them and their ethics.

Why we like these shirts:

I have a few Made Here shirts for men, and they are soft and comfortable thanks to the 100% ring spun cotton and have just enough stretch to allow freedom of movement without pinching or squeezing.

The shirt is made to order and we had no issues with the size not fitting other brands. I'm a taller guy and I love the length.

The stitching and finishing are of a higher quality than cheaper foreign shirts, particularly where the pockets are concerned. For many people, a pocket on a T-shirt is just for show, but if you're used to keeping stuff in there, this one should hold up.

I also found that the shirt washes and dries well, and depending on the wash, the color should last a long time.

Who do we recommend these t-shirts to:

If you're looking for a heavyweight, durable shirt with pockets, this is the shirt for you.

Jockey T-shirts

Made in the USA T-Shirts (14 Big Brands in 2023) - All Made in America (6)

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founded company1876
materials100 percent cotton
sizingsmall to 3XL

About the company:

Jockey has been a family business for three generations. The company was founded in 1876 and is a leading manufacturer of underwear, sleepwear and sportswear. Overall, the company has a good reputation, and I like that many of their products are made in the US and employ American workers. If you wish, you can also contact yourDeals on the Jockey website here.

Why we like these shirts:

Jockey is a well-known company with a reputation for making quality clothing at a reasonable price, and they certainly don't disappoint with their 100% American cotton T-shirts made in the USA with a small American flag on the sleeve (not sure if the women's version does). The shirt is comfortable and has a great neckline and a good fit. They are machine washable and generally require little to no maintenance.

Who do we recommend these t-shirts to:

These shirts are perfect for everyday wear and can even be worn as a t-shirt if needed. They fit really well and are made to last. They're a little more expensive than a regular T-shirt, but that's because they're American cotton and made in the USA.

T-shirts manufactured by the Union

Made in the USA T-Shirts (14 Big Brands in 2023) - All Made in America (7)

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founded companyNot specified
materials100% cotton (preferred)
sizingS a 4XL

About the company:

Union Made T-shirts are aBayside Clothing Division. They employ many American workers and buy American cotton to make their shirts. They do all the sewing, cutting and other work in-house to ensure quality. The company prides itself on offering high-paying American jobs and great products. They have great options for both men and women!

Why we like these shirts:

Union Made's attention to detail has not gone unnoticed. Personally, I think the quality of these kits is pretty impressive. I also find the shirts very comfortable. All in all, if you're just looking for a comfortable basic tee at a reasonable price, you can't go wrong here.

Who do we recommend these t-shirts to:

Whether you're looking for a shirt for everyday wear or for work, this shirt is perfect. It's comfortable and built to last.

Bayside short sleeve shirts

Made in the USA T-Shirts (14 Big Brands in 2023) - All Made in America (8)

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founded company1995
materials100% cotton
sizingsmall to 5X

About the company:

Based in Southern California, Bayside prides itself on being the largest vertical apparel manufacturer in the United States.

The company says it knits, dyes, cuts and sews all of its garments in-house. And unlike other companies that source materials overseas, Bayside claims to source its cotton from American farmers, making its shirts truly American.

Bayside not only sources its materials from farmers and suppliers across the United States, but is also committed to green manufacturing, recycling waste wherever possible.

Why we like these shirts:

The Bayside 5100 may look like a regular jersey, but upon closer inspection you can see what sets it apart from inferior designs.

This is a fully fitted shirt that tapers from shoulder to shoulder for a relaxed but not baggy fit. Double-stitched hems add durability, meaning this is a shirt that should last for years. The 5100 comes in a variety of colors so you can find one that suits your personality and outfit.

However, we think the shirt runs a little small, so we recommend ordering a size up for a good fit. We found the length to be on the perfect spot, resting just below the waist.

As it is 100% cotton, be careful not to shrink it when washing. Otherwise, we think this is a quality shirt that looks great and is well made.

Who do we recommend these t-shirts to:

This is the ideal shirt for anyone wanting a looser, more comfortable shirt that comes in a variety of color options.

Royal Apparel polyester performance t-shirts

Made in the USA T-Shirts (14 Big Brands in 2023) - All Made in America (9)

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founded company1992
materials100% Polyester
sizingsmall for 3X

Origin of Royal Apparel company:

Royal Apparel started as an idea between founders Morad Mayeri and his brother Abraha in the early 1990s after they saw gaps in the apparel industry growing as more products were exported.

After learning the ins and outs of production, styling and sourcing from mentors, the two founders began to grow and supply private label knits to luxury retailers, national fashion brands and prestige retailers.

However, after seeing most of the fashion industry move production to overseas facilities, the brothers stepped in. They evolved to fill the void and continue to manufacture their clothing at their Long Island headquarters.

Today, the company is not only well-known in the fashion industry, but is also a popular brand among Fortune 500 companies, prominent musicians and artists, and more.

Why we like these shirts:

The Performance T-Shirt is designed with a classic relaxed fit reminiscent of the street style tees of yesteryear. Everything from the sleeve length to the length, this shirt screams classic in every way.

You can perfectly pair this shirt with jeans or shorts and it looks great inside and out. While this is a nice looking shirt, it depends on whether you are a fan of polyester or not. Most of us prefer cotton because it is a natural fiber that breathes better and is more comfortable. However, some prefer polyester because they believe it is more durable.

While we can't fault this shirt for the materials, it really does come down to personal preference. For the price, you get a nice, durable shirt that can be worn with a variety of outfits, and for some, it's worth it.

Who do we recommend these t-shirts to:

This is the perfect tee for anyone who likes the look of a classic tee but wants one at a great price.

Made in the USA Rogue Fitness Shirt

Made in the USA T-Shirts (14 Big Brands in 2023) - All Made in America (10)

Compare Rogue Fitness

founded company2007
materials48% Polyester 52% Cotton
sizingsmall to 4X

Company Rogue Fitness origin:

If you're interested in sports, you're probably familiar with Rogue Fitness, a company known for its fitness equipment, including free weights, strength racks, and other fitness accessories.

Like many successful companies, Rogue Fitness was founded in a garage in 2006 and has since grown from its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio to a team of 1,400 employees worldwide.

Rogue Fitness has seen the devastation caused by the loss of high-paying manufacturing jobs across the country, and as such is doing everything possible to source products from the US wherever possible.

Why we like these shirts:

This Rogue Fitness top is designed for the gym with its polyester/cotton blend for comfort and breathability. It's constructed with side seams and taped shoulders to provide a free range of motion without pinching or binding, which is perfect for training.

Durable ribbed neck tape is comfortable and lays flat around the neck rather than hanging loose like lower tees. The shirt has the company logo on the front and American Made on the back and an American flag on the sleeve.

We think the shirt is true to size and most people will experience a snug but comfortable fit. After all, because this top was designed for the gym, it will retain its shape and fit despite repeated visits to the washer and dryer.

Who do we recommend these t-shirts to:

This t-shirt is perfect for men who want to look and feel good while working out at the gym.

Goodwear Classic crew neck T-shirt with pocket

Made in the USA T-Shirts (14 Big Brands in 2023) - All Made in America (11)

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founded company1983
sizingsmall for 3X

Company Goodwear Fitness Origin:

Goodwear dates back to the Boston Marathon, when Boston College runner Stephen Liquori started screen printing in the early 1970s.

Liquori bought T-shirts in bulk and hand-printed them for their local track and cross-country teammates and athletic clubs, eventually making T-shirts for Boston College events. In 1974, his design became the unofficial Boston Marathon jersey before the event licensed any merchandise.

After graduating, Stephen opened a company called GladRags in Chestnut Hill, MA. In 1983, he and his partners founded Goodwear, where Steve developed the iconic Made in USA heavyweight shirt, designed to stand the test of time while maintaining its shape and comfort.

Why we like these shirts:

Crafted in heavyweight cotton, this classic-fit pocket tee is perfect for everyday wear, whether tucked into jeans or tucked under a sport jacket.

Also, the benefit of a heavyweight shirt is its durability and ability to hold its shape through repeated washings. This shirt is admittedly more expensive than what you might find at your big box retail store, but it's built to last for years, so you're not really saving money by buying something cheap that falls apart after a season.

It has a tubular construction, which we found to be more comfortable than side-seam shirts. The 1.25-inch neck rib is snug without slacking.

We also love that this tee comes in a variety of colors to match whatever look you're going for.

And as mentioned earlier, this shirt has retained its shape and color through multiple washes and drops and we think it will last for several years before wearing out.

Who do we recommend these t-shirts to:

This tee is perfect for men who want a classic, durable, well-fitting pocket tee and don't mind spending more to get the best.

Bella Canvas unisex short sleeve t-shirt

Made in the USA T-Shirts (14 Big Brands in 2023) - All Made in America (12)

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founded company1998
materials100% combed cotton
sizingsmall to 4X

Origin of Bella Canvas company:

Bella + Canvas was founded by best friends Danny Harris and Marco DeGeorge, who started a screen printing business after high school in 1992. During that time, they realized that finding clothes that fit and felt good was a challenge, especially for women. .

In 1995 they started a cutting and sewing business to meet the need for high quality women's products. In 1998 they founded Bella and shifted their business into manufacturing, in 2000 it expanded to include a men's line called Canvas. In 2012, the company merged Bella and Canvas into the single brand we see today, Bella + Canvas. Overall, they make some of the best American made shirts with ease. Try one of their shirts and see what you think!

Why we like these shirts:

Generally when you review shirts in this price range you get what you pay for and this shirt is no exception. That's not to say it's bad, it's not, but don't expect a sturdy build or durability. In fact, this shirt probably works better as a T-shirt.

The 100% cotton construction is soft and comfortable, and we think the fit is loose enough without looking sloppy. It's not quite as thick as the other shirts on our list, though, and we're wondering how it will hold up over time.

Like many budget t-shirts, this one has side seams that some people find uncomfortable, so keep that in mind before ordering.

This shirt is pre-shrunk and we found that it holds its size without shrinking after being machine washed and dried and the neckline stayed in decent shape instead of bagging like you would expect with cheaper shirts.

The company makes high quality shirts at higher prices, but overall it's a decent all-American shirt at a fair price.

Who do we recommend these t-shirts to:

This shirt is recommended for anyone who wants an inexpensive shirt to wear as an undershirt or for work around the house.

American Apparel Men's 50/50 Short Sleeve Round Neck T-Shirt

Made in the USA T-Shirts (14 Big Brands in 2023) - All Made in America (13)

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founded company1989
materials50% cotton 50% polyester
sizingXS bus 2X

American Apparel Company Origin:

American Apparel dates back to 1989 in North Carolina, where it was founded by Canadian entrepreneur Don Charney as a small wholesale company dedicated to making the finest Made in America T-shirt.

In 1997, the company moved to Los Angeles, where it continued to operate as a wholesale operation, primarily selling unprinted shirts to screen printers and uniform companies, and later moved into retail.

After financial difficulties, the company filed for bankruptcy in 2015 and was eventually acquired by Gildan Activewear in 2017.

Why we like these shirts:

What would a shirt review be without the classic feel? Well, here it is. This shirt has a classic slim fit that's ultra-soft thanks to the 50/50 construction. It has contrasting ribbing around the neckline and armholes and will hold its shape through multiple wears and washes.

We love that this shirt doesn't need to be ironed or dry cleaned - it looks great right out of the washing machine. We thought it was just the right size, and due to the construction you shouldn't have to worry about it shrinking.

Depending on your body shape, this unisex top fits a little snug around the sides but doesn't feel tight. And the length is just below the waist where you want it. The seamless neckline is fitted but not too tight and doesn't seem to show any signs of wrinkling. We also like that this shirt comes in a variety of colors.

Who do we recommend these t-shirts to:

This is for people who love the classic crewneck tee look and like the American Apparel brand.

Bayside 8100 USA Long sleeve shirt with pockets

Made in the USA T-Shirts (14 Big Brands in 2023) - All Made in America (14)

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founded company1995
materials100% cotton
sizingsmall to 4X

Bayside Home Company:

Bayside Apparel is the largest vertical apparel manufacturer in the United States and one of the few to weave, dye, finish, cut and sew all of its products in-house.

Based in Southern California, the company sources all of its cotton from American farmers, which is spun into yarn in North Carolina. Once spun into yarn, the fabric goes to another factory to be dyed, and here the company prides itself on its commitment not only to American jobs, but to the environment as well.

All waste is recycled and the factory takes every measure to minimize the amount of water used in the process.

After being dyed, the fabric goes to the tailor shop and, finally, it is sewn into the final garments.

The company says that every garment it manufactures is touched by more than 500 American workers.

Why we like these shirts:

The only long sleeve tee on our list, the 8100 is a pre-shrunk heavyweight cotton tee that gives you the classic look you want in a cool weather tee.

One thing we look for when recommending shirts is variety, and they come in a variety of colors, including safety green.

We found this shirt to be well constructed with full cut shoulder-to-shoulder hems sewn with a double needle. In addition, people of average height will appreciate that the shirt does not hang down like a sweater.

If we had a complaint, it was that one reviewer found that the cuffs lost their elasticity too quickly. This may have been an isolated issue, but keep that in mind or be wary if you are in the habit of rolling your sleeves up around your arms.

All in all, this is a comfortable, well-made long sleeve shirt that fits well and wears well.

Who do we recommend these t-shirts to:

This shirt is best for outdoor workers.

American Made Supply Co.

Made in the USA T-Shirts (14 Big Brands in 2023) - All Made in America (15)

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founded companyNot specified
materials100% cotton
sizingsmall for 2X

American Made Supply Co Company Origin:

For over two years, the founders of the American Made Supply Company purchased just about every t-shirt and casual item they could find and studied them to determine what was needed to create the perfect look using the finest materials and creating the finest construction.

The company wanted to make clothes that fit, felt good, and stood the test of time. Whether it's a collar that won't twist after multiple wears or faded shirts that just came out of the dryer, the founders are dedicated to offering American-made quality products that have become the foundation of their business because they look and feel good, but because they last.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, American Made Supply Co is one of the fastest growing direct-to-consumer private labels, allowing them to maintain quality and competitive prices.

The company believes in American style and proudly places the American flag on every garment it ships.

Why we like these shirts:

As well as the crew neck tee, where would our list be without the classic baseball pocket tee?

This tee feels great thanks to its 100% USA spun cotton knit fabric. Its mid-weight design makes it ideal for cooler weather, under a jacket or sweatshirt, or to be rolled up in warm weather.

We've found these tees to be true to size, and depending on your body type, you may want to go up a size if you want a looser fit. These shirts are pre-shrunk and laundered so you don't have to worry about shrinkage.

The colors and shape held up perfectly after several cycles in the washer and dryer.

The bag is double stitched and looks like it will hold up well in the long run.

Whether you or your kids play baseball or just like the look of it, this is a quality baseball jersey that is well-built and built to last for years to come.

Who do we recommend these t-shirts to:

People who like the look of the classic baseball jersey.

Factors we consider:

Sorting t-shirts is a challenge because not all companies are 100% made in the United States. Some companies may source materials from abroad and sew the garments here in the United States.

While we aim to review only those companies that operate entirely in the US, we recognize that this is not always possible, but we do recognize that US workers are responsible for at least some of the production.

We also pay attention to materials and processing quality. We believe that while all of the shirts we've tested vary in quality and workmanship, all are better than what you'll find at most overseas sourcing companies.

Another thing we take into account is fitness, which is also difficult due to different body types. Our test was for an average male body type of 5 feet 9 inches and weighing 180 pounds.

Finally, durability played a big part in our rating, as we wanted to provide you with options that last long enough for you to get your money's worth.

To involve:

That's enough for this article; Let us know if there are any great t-shirt brands we missed in the comments below.

Made in the USA T-Shirts (14 Big Brands in 2023) - All Made in America (16)

Kevin Wabiszewski

Hi, my name is Kevin and I'm from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Choosing American-made products is important to me because they support the local economy, create jobs, help the environment and ensure ethical labor practices. I also think that American-made products tend to be of higher quality; so while they are a little more expensive, they save you money in the long run. Before starting this site, I was in the USMC Infantry and now I work on this site as a hobby.


What companies make shirts in the USA? ›

Short & Long Sleeve, V-Neck, Polo & More.
  • 3Sixteen. 3sixteen is an NYC based brand that aims to produce the highest quality clothing and accessories using premium materials and quality American manufacturing. ...
  • AKWA. ...
  • All American Clothing. ...
  • Authentically American. ...
  • Bayside. ...
  • Bella+Canvas. ...
  • Black & Denim. ...
  • Buck Mason.

Are any t-shirts made in America? ›

Royal Apparel

Their products are made in the USA and strongly support American workers and manufacturing. Royal Apparel offers various clothing options for men, women, and children, including t-shirts, tanks, sweatshirts, hoodies, and more.

Are Gildan shirts made in USA? ›

Gildan shirts are made of mostly United States cotton. The cotton is spun in Gildan's United States plants (located mostly in North Carolina and in Georgia).


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