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There's never been a better time to invest in mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (Mor). Organizations of all sizes can benefit from MDM policies and protection against growing proliferationrelated to remote workvulnerabilities.

Unfortunately, choosing the right MDM software can seem like crap. With dozens of providers offering varying levels of functionality, it's wise to be cautious before picking up a business credit card.

You are considering Microsoft Intunemanagement of mobile devicesrequirements? This article provides a brief overview of the provider's pricing options and value promises. It will also share in more detailDark alternativefor administrators looking to consolidate their IT stacks. Find more comparisons hereIntune kontra MobileIron,Intune vs. AirWatch,Intune SCCM, andIntune protiv Jamfa.

Microsoft Intune overview

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based platform that enables IT managers to control how end users interact with work connected devices.

As with most MDM solutions, Intune includes laptops, tablets and smartphones. The software also allows employees to use personal devices at work without compromising network and data security. Intune is part of thatPaket Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) tvrtke Microsoft, created to help manage the modern workplace where data is stored securely on-premises or in the cloud.

You can use Microsoft Intune for:

  • Manage devices used to access corporate networks and resources
  • Separate organizational data from personal data on devices
  • Enforce safety and compliance standards
  • Control access to local servers
  • Monitor and manage external devices

Administrators typically use Intune along withAzure Active Directory(Azure AD) to control access to company network resources. As expected, it pairs well with the Microsoft 365 line of products. Intune works on Windows, Android, and macOS devices.

How much does Intune cost?

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Microsoft Intune prices start at$10.60 per user per month.

Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 protiv E5

Microsoft Intune has two different packages:Enterprise Mobility + Security E3andEnterprise Mobility + Security E5. Let's take a closer look at what each option includes below.

Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 Cijena

Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 starter kl$10.60 a monthfor each user (billed annually). Available features include:

  • Simplified access management and security
  • Conditional access
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Windows Server Client Access Licenca (CAL)
  • Integrated local management
  • Integrated computer control

If your needs are a bit more complex, consider Microsoft's E5 suite.

Cennik Enterprise Mobility + Security E5

Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 starter kl$16.40 a monthfor each user (billed annually). In addition to the features available in the basic package, the E5 also offers:

  • Conditional risk-based approach
  • Privileged identity management
  • Intelligent data classification and labeling
  • Security for Microsoft Cloud Applications
  • Microsoft Defender for Identity

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft also offers Intune for Education, intended for educational institutions.

Of course, we encourage administrators to take advantage of Microsoft's generosity90 day free trialbefore making a purchase decision. Pro tip: Think about what skills you might need in each department in 12 to 24 months—not just the ones you need now.

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Intune restrictions

Although a robust endpoint management solution, Microsoft Intunerobihas obvious disadvantages. Below are the most obvious ones we see at the time of writing:

  • Intune Support does not offer troubleshooting for email programs other than Outlook. Translation: they're old school, but you already knew that.
  • The software focuses exclusively on securing Microsoft applications, thereby locking users into the Microsoft stack, including Azure AD. Translation: The more Microsoft tools are invested in Microsoft tools, the less flexible they become as new innovations come to market.
  • Intune is specifically designed to work with cloud deployments. This means that it is not cost-effective for organizations looking for on-premise security solutions.
  • Intune also offers content management capabilities in Office 365 or SharePoint Online/OneDrive Cloud applications

What people are saying about Intune

Here's what consumers think about Intune according to G2 reviews:

Extremely powerful, sometimes difficult to master.

"There's tremendous power here to configure devices, apply conditional access, take care of the basics of security, deploy applications, and generally manage all devices. We kind of use it for most of its features, and it allows you to do a lot since it's built into M365 Business Premium, which we have anyway."

Developer L, system administrator/IT manager, middle market

Good product, lots of customization, some weird stuff

"The product has been on the market for a long time. It just got better and better over the last three years. You now have the same configuration options as on-premises with AD and SCCM. Some configurations (bitlocker, defender) are better.

OS compatibility is good but could be better. The Linux world in particular is a problem. Some configurations have unpredictable behavior. The registration process is a nightmare.”

Sandro A, system administrator, company

JumpCloud MDM and endpoint management capabilities

While Intune is steadily making inroads into the identity and mobile device management market, another endpoint management option disrupting the market isJumpCloud biblioteksplatform.

JumpCloud is a cloud-based cross-platform MDM solution that enables IT administrators to manage desktop devices, users and access permissions. But unlike Intune, JumpCloud offers protection on all three major platforms: Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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With JumpCloud, administrators can remotely enforce Full Disk Encryption (FDE), disable virtual assistants, and configure system updates with just a few clicks. When specific policies fail, JumpCloud also enables IT administrators to create and execute custom commands and scripts across all three platforms.

Intune is ideal for devices and environments that are compatible with Azure and the Microsoft ecosystem. But if you are looking for a next-generation and future-proof solution, JumpCloud is the optimal choice. JumpCloud offers a free version of the software.

The paid version starts at $2 per user per month. There are different pricing options depending on the features you need. Learn more aboutJumpCloud priser.

Read the detailed comparison atJumpCloud vs. Intune.

What people are saying about JumpCloud

Here's what consumers have to say about JumpCloud:

One of the best products available for easy integration of LDAP and RADIUS authentication

“I'm a big fan of Microsoft 365 integration for RADIUS. This was very useful for meeting compliance requirements without having to configure local servers. I'm also impressed with the two-factor authentication features that allow us to use 2FA for both users and administrators when authenticating via RADIUS on our wireless network or when administrators need to manage a switch, firewall, etc.

Andrew M, sales engineer for Trust Solutions Group (TSG), a small business

A great solution for Mac businesses

“This solution is great for large businesses using Mac computers. There are several rules for securing devices, sending updates and remotely controlling machines. Touchless Deployment for Mac OS fits our business needs perfectly by allowing a new employee to automatically enroll a Mac before accessing company resources. Payloads are easy to configure and very easy to assign to groups of devices. I'm very happy that it also supports Linux with more configuration rules than other UEM solutions."

Daniel L., IT support engineer, mid-market

Try JumpCloud for free (no credit card required)

Both Intune and JumpCloud offer huge benefits to IT departments. But as we've shown in this comparison, JumpCloud is cheaper and more versatile for those managing heterogeneous environments.

Instead of purchasing multiple Azure AD solutions (such as Intune, AD, Azure AD DS, Azure AD Connect, Azure MFA, Azure VPN, and more), use a single cloud-based platform to manage identity and access and control your systems? As always,logfor the JumpCloud platform is completely free and includes 10 users and devices that are free to get started. If you have any questions while using our platform, you also have access to 10 days of 24/7 in-app chat support.

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