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Good and you. Well: Your Definitive Guide to Telling the Difference | Blog FluentU in Spanish (1)

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Of"Good cuisine"or is it you"good at cooking?"

If these phrases make you shudder, know that you can also mix these words in Spanish.

spanish wordsVery goodjintestinehave a similar meaning (good/good) but are used in different situations.

This post will tell you once and for allwhen and how to useINTESTINE, bom,jintestinein Spanishlike a local!


  • What is the difference between good and good?
  • Sugarplum
    • use of good
    • Expressions and phrases with good
  • Well well well
    • good against good
    • Uses of Good/Good
    • Expressions and phrases with Good

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What is the difference betweenINTESTINEcontraBom?

Even though those two words have totallydifferent functions in sentence, are often mistranslated or misused in Spanish and English, resulting in many incorrect sentences.

However, learning the difference is not as complicated as you think:

simply put,INTESTINEIt is aAdverbwhich translates "bom.On the other hand,bomis an adjectivewhich can be commonly translated as "INTESTINE.“

My cousin is not very wellINTESTINE. (My cousin is not feeling very well.)

You areINTESTINEor do nothing.(Do it right or don't).

Juan is a very young manbom (John is a very good boy.)

it's not smokingbomfor your health.(Smoking is not good for health).


AlthoughBofoften translated as "good", it can also be translated as "very", "fair" and "good".

It is an adverb and as such can be used to modify a verb, an adjective or another adverb. you can also seeINTESTINEjust to form a sentence.

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1st answerHow are you?jHow are you doing?Questions.

How are you?(How are you?)
INTESTINE,Thank you, and you?(Well, thanks, and you?)

2. Talk about your health.

Maria doesn't feel very wellINTESTINEhello(Maria is not very well today.)

I'm beautifulINTESTINE,But the last few months have been very difficult.(I'm fine now, but the last few months have been really hard.)

3. Emphasize the adjective in a sentence.

When you add the adverbINTESTINEbefore an adjective is emphasized:

the exam isINTESTINEdifficult.(The exam was very difficult.)

this watermelon isINTESTINEjuicy.(This watermelon is very juicy.)

4. When something is done well.

OINTESTINEYou cook, Alejandro!(Alejandro how well you cook!)

You understood the lesson very wellINTESTINE. (You understood the lesson very well.)

5. When something works or doesn't work as it should.

I think my computer is not workingINTESTINE. (I think my computer is not working properly).

I worked this morningINTESTINE. (It worked correctly/fine this morning).

6. When the answer is to a questionokay, sure, goodÖIn order.

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See you in the park at five.(We will meet in the park at five o'clock in the afternoon.)

7. say"Angry!" a "¡Yahoo!"

You won a teddy bearINTESTINE!(You won a teddy bear, yahoo!)

OINTESTINE!I already did my homework.(Bravo! I finished my homework.)

Expressions and phrases withINTESTINE

  • noINTESTINE?Everything is good?
  • INTESTINEdone! —Good job!
  • NowINTESTINEHowever, having said that
  • BeforeINTESTINEQuite
  • esINTESTINEIt's alright/it's alright, it's alright
  • And thatINTESTINEIt's enough
  • That's how it isINTESTINEIt's okay like this
  • QuiteINTESTINEVery good
  • INTESTINEPanorama -considered acceptable
  • FallenINTESTINEMake a Good Impression, Be Loved
  • BehaviorINTESTINE- Behavior
  • give himINTESTINEsomeone something -be good at something
  • To beINTESTINEEmployees -serve someone well
  • do itINTESTINEwithout looking at whoDo the right thing, no matter what people think
  • YINTESTINEgo well
  • EmINTESTINEAs soon as
  • EmINTESTINEnothing bad -More or less

Sugarplum- GUT

bomis the adjective counterpart of the wordINTESTINE, and as such behaves quite differently.

for starters,bomhas four forms that must alwaysagrees in gender and number with the nounrefers to:

  • bom(masculine singular)
  • bom(feminine singular)
  • intestine(masculine/plural misto)
  • Hello good(feminine plural)

Although the first meaning forbomYou will see in the dictionary that "good" can also mean "tasty", "useful", "useful" and even "hello".


The first thing you should know is thisbomjintestinethey are actually two facets of the same word.

They arethe meaning is identicalbut beposition in sentenceis different.

bomsee aaftermasculine noun in the singular, but this word can also occurBeforeof the same masculine singular nouns. In that case,bomhe mustmiss your endto be able to be in this position:

he is very boybom(He is a very good boy.) →is veryintestineNiño.(He is a very good boy.)

it's a melonbom(It's a tasty melon.)→ It's aintestinewatermelon.(It's a nice/good melon.)

The best way to learn how these words differ is to listen to how they are used in different contexts. If you want to see the difference betweenVery goodjintestineIn action you can watch or give some videos in SpanishfluenteUone try.

The language tutorial shows how native speakers really use Spanish through authentic videos such as movie clips, music videos and Spanish talk shows.

you can searchbomÖintestineand find videos containing those words in context with interactive captions. Then you can reinforce your learning with flashcards and custom quizzes.

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FluentU is also available atiOSjAndroid, so you can learn from your phone whenever you want.

Uses ofSugarplum

1. When a person or animal behaves well.

we will have a pataintestineShit!(Give me your paw. Good boy!)

My son is a very young boybom (My son is a very good boy.)

2. When a person does his duty correctly.

Maria is verybommadre(Mary is a very good mother.)

You are aintestineMann.(You are a good man.)

3. When something is beneficial to you.

it's not smokingbomfor health.(Smoking is not good for health).

Exercising is verybom (Exercise is very good/helpful.)

4. When something is useful or practical.

This is too muchbom (It is a very good book.)

I think it's onebomDrucker.(I think it's a good printer.)

5. When the quality of an object is high.

it is a very carbom (It's a very good car.)

I needintestineSofa.(I need a good couch.)

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6. When something tastes good.

This hamburger is verybom (This burger is delicious.)

it's not that meatbomIt has a strange smell.(This meat has gone bad. It has a strange smell.)

7. When someone is attractive.

Whether or not you decide to use it is up to you, but keep in mind that this is very informal.

Lucas is verybom (Luke is very hot.)

your neighbor is verybom (Your neighbor is very hot.)

8. When you want to say someone is sane.

This construction is exactly the same as the one we use to say someone is hot.

The context is usually clear enough not to cause confusion, but it's a good idea to keep this in mind when using this word:

Maria is alreadybom (Mary is fine now.)

My father is not verybomPoor man.(My father is not very well. Poor man.)

9. When the answer is to a questionokay, sure, goodÖIn order.

This is the only situation you can useINTESTINEjbomindistinct and no one will close their eyes.

I'm including the same example I used withINTESTINEthen you can see for yourself that there really isn't any difference:

See you in the park at five.(We will meet in the park at five o'clock in the afternoon.) —bom(Bueno.)

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Expressions and phrases withbom

  • bomwell then
  • ¿Bom?Hello? (on the phone)
  • ¡Bueno!And that!
  • Obom!Impressively! Good to know!
  • To bebomin something -be good at something
  • bomno way -good for nothing
  • bomAlso -OK too
  • give forbomto give the green light
  • ANDbomfilms -the good boy
  • I amHello goodand in bad timesthrough thick and thin
  • the sea ofbomVery good
  • The known evil is better thanbomknowledge -Better the devil you know than the devil you don't know
  • for muchbomto be -as much as possible
  • remove itbomTo look on the bright side
  • All deadbomhe finished -all good things come to an end
  • He sawbomthe seal of approval

everything will beINTESTINEif you study these two words correctly.

and as they sayall good ends(all good things come to an end), so until the next post!

Download:This blog post is available as a convenient, portable PDF that you can take anywhere.Click here for a copy. (Download)


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