Cheap Flights to Modesto (SFO) from £223 - KAYAK (2023)

Advantage:"Always helpful cabin crew and very efficient"

Mod:"Very cramped in an old plane (they usually fly premium but this was an emergency)"

Advantage:"The crew was very friendly and amazing. They definitely made our flight amazing!"

Mod:"The entertainment was reduced for most of the flight. We only had about an hour and a half of fun"

Advantage:“Great crew, great drinks and decent food. Very comfortable seats"

Mod:"Everything was great"

Advantage:"The seats reclined well and were very comfortable. The staff were friendly and the service was good."

Mod:"I understand that on the night flight there was an attempt to turn on the lights while dinner was being served but this prevented my child from sleeping which made the rest of the journey difficult."

Advantage:"The crew was great, the flight was pleasant, but baggage check-in and boarding pass printing was slow and very disorganized."

Mod:"Baggage check-in and boarding pass printing are long, disorganized queues of people"

Advantage:"The whole team was fantastic"

Mod:“The choice of dinner was poor. The starter consisted of just a few lettuce leaves.”

Mod:“The route plan was changed at the last minute... instead of via Brisbane the route now went via Sydney. The flight from Sydney to LAX was delayed 4 hours, then the flight from LAX to LAS was missed... overall the arrival was very late. I checked the route via Brisbane and all the flights we were on left and landed on time... so I wonder what the reason for the diversion is for no reason (no flights were canceled or delayed via Brisbane)”

Advantage:"Excellent flight, few passengers, excellent crew service. Virgin goes the extra mile when it comes to service and little perks. The 747-400 planes are also very comfortable compared to the Airbus 320"

Mod:"Nothing. The ride home was exemplary."

Advantage:"No one is a better host than the British. Great service, lovely people."

Advantage:"This is the best flight I have ever been on! Boarding was easy, the seats comfortable, the movie selection excellent and I enjoyed everything I ate. I really felt that all the staff on board treated me well."


The cabin crew were nice. The pilot behaved somewhat uncertainly in controlling the aircraft.

Advantage:"It's good to travel a long time by public transport, the food is really bad"

Advantage:"Wine. Good movies"

Mod:"USB charging didn't work. Wi-Fi wouldn't connect. Food was terrible. Cheap pasta. The flight attendants are German themselves, there is no warmth or connection, they just gave orders like we were employees. I will try to avoid Lufthansa in the future, if possible."

Advantage:"Crew, entertainment and food were good"

Mod:"OH MY GOD!!! No leg room... Lufthansa has the most uncomfortable seats ever. You really feel like the person in front of you is sitting on your lap and the people behind you are constantly complaining because we reclined our seats for air. space !!!"

Mod:"More than 10 hours of flight. No food. No drinks. No snacks. No cover. I travel a lot and have never seen a plane without such service before. At least the snacks are reasonable. Extremely bad experience. I am very disappointed Lufthansa.”

Advantage:"The plane was on time in both directions."

Mod:"had to pay for wine - first time in 25 years of international flights and it was a very expensive flight, next time I'll skip Condor"

Advantage:"The aircraft was in good condition."

Mod:“The seats are bad and the armrests are so hard that my hands tingle. Children scream for hours without stopping.

Advantage:"Nice, comfortable and organized flight"

Mod:"I never went back to check email. It was very cold in the cabin. I had to wear a jacket the whole flight. With two blankets"

Mod:"Everything was out of the airlines control. Screaming children, weather delays and moderate to severe turbulence. The wind shear above the deck required the pilot to break through and stick the landing, but he was able to recover."

Advantage:"The team was great! The food was good! Boarding was fast and organized!"

Advantage:“On time, great crew, comfortable journey even by bus”

Mod:"Proper charging stations on planes (not just under the plus seats, but better to have a front-facing USB port)."

Advantage:"I almost missed the next flight from Dublin to Chicago. With current security measures, there was not enough time between flights. Your website should not have suggested that the two flights were so close."

Mod:"The flight attendants were not helpful or attentive. The flight was more than nine hours and once they offered a drink, once they took away the trash and when we tried to give them the trash before landing they told us to put it in the seat pocket or throw it on the floor! It looked like the plane was destroyed when we took off."


Mod:"You have to pay for confirmed seats and the seats are uncomfortable. There is no free beer or wine on international flights and ticket sales in Dublin are SUPER slow!"

Advantage:"The crew was efficient and well trained"

Mod:"The food needed salt and the bread was a bit dry."

Advantage:“The crew were just as fantastic as they were 9 years ago when I flew with Aer Lingus. The plane was very clean and comfortable. The entertainment we could choose from was very good. Everyone found something for themselves.”

Mod:"One thing I would like to improve is that the announcements are spoken more slowly than before. The notifications were so fast that I couldn't understand what was being said. It should be an easy fix, so I'm not worried."

Advantage:"This way we can check in our luggage and get a free economy class meal on transatlantic flights. Great service and nice plane."

Mod:"Add water, coffee and tea for free on inter-European short-haul flights."

Mod:"my seat wouldn't go up, i kept moving the back seat27a."

Advantage:"In general, a 'domestic' (ie within the EU) flight works perfectly."

Mod:“Long check-in queue at Aer Lingus Munich Franz Josef Strauss desk due to delay of one of two check-in agents. This agent was also rude to the point of rudeness when he checked me in - checking personal messages on his phone in the process."

Mod:"- My seat was broken and couldn't recline. Not only did this make the 9 hour flight uncomfortable, but even more so when the person in front of me reclined his seat all the way back. - I understand this is Aer Lingus policy but I have never done this. I have experienced - in my many travels - paying for alcohol on an international flight, especially with cash only. each time I was met with a sneer and "Yeah, no 'I don't have it yet'." It wasn't about the money, it was about incredibly rude service and charging for what should have been a free drink! Some of the stewards (on the opposite side of the aisle) seemed very friendly and welcoming, but unfortunately the two ladies on my side made me feel more like a burden than a welcome customer.- I guess you get what you pay for. .. but I was just surprised by the thrown box of "breakfast" burritos - no napkins, utensils, plates, nothing. I will not fly with Aer Lingus again."

Advantage:- I left early, I came early.

Mod:"Get rid of M&S and go back to pinning G&T on the map."

Advantage:“Our crew on the trip from DC to London were excellent - friendly and efficient. We really enjoyed the whole experience.”

Mod:“The short journey from London to Vienna was full of people carrying heavy suitcases. It was also a surprise that you had to buy water at all, as we didn't know about BA's strict policy. Also, our US credit card was not accepted by the onboard CC unit, so we spent 2 hours flying without snacks."

Advantage:"They kept us informed throughout the process"

Mod:- I was allowed to sit next to a thirteen-year-old, but I was not given information about the seat when I got on the plane.

Mod:"The flight was 30 minutes late. Insurance put me on the wrong flight in Orlando, causing me to miss my flight, which repeatedly signaled that British Airways and American Airlines were arguing about who was to blame. I was still sitting in Orlando and was waiting for my flight after losing my hotel in Los Angeles."

Advantage:"Checking in and out was easy. The crew was well trained in the art of moving people."

Mod:“BA, like others, charge a fee to use them compared to easyJet and the like. It annoys me that I pay DKK 350 for a ticket and have to buy a sandwich. If you want to be like the low-cost airlines, you have to have the same price structure as BA = rip off."

Advantage:"Arriving in Sydney amazing, fast immigration and customs service, friendliness, another step forward in Australia"

Mod:“Breakfast wow, COLD eggs and bacon sandwiches, may have been delicious in 1956 at the old Viscount, but truly subpar is an understatement. until you missed the next leg, but kudos - the arrival was incredible as soon as we got off the plane, see above"

Advantage:"The crew was friendly and the food was decent. The seats were also as comfortable as you can get when you sit in them for 11 hours. It was also funny that they came with ice cream (never had that before)"

Mod:“We only had a double seat, but the middle partition only went half way up, not all the way up. While flying with my husband this was disappointing. They also didn't do many drink tours considering the flight was 11 hours, which is a bit surprising since we had a 6 hour flight that brought more drinks than this one. He was also stingy with the drink size so it was disappointing to put a smaller amount about 1/2 less.

Advantage:"The captain informed the passengers about everything, great flight, helpful crew, great entertainment system."

Mod:"The legroom is not enough for such a long flight and the food was not the best."

Advantage:"The crew informed us of what was going on even though all the passengers had checked in before the take-off time. Very dear crew members and pilots."

Mod:"No fun or snacks without a purchase."

Advantage:“The flight was excellent, the safety videos and the pilots were excellent. I recommend 8/10. For the price it was great. The service was excellent."

Mod:"Even on international flights, there are no free drinks or food. Exit seats have many advantages and disadvantages. There is enough legroom in the exit row, but you cannot use the TV screen like other passengers (you cannot listen to movies) because there is no is some AUX or USB socket to charge your phone like other passengers)”

Mod:"The original seats we bought were on another plane. Only two in a row. It was very crowded on this plane and it was not possible to change seats"

Mod:"Baggage claim at Ohare. I was in first class and my bag was the last to come out"

Advantage:"The lady at check-in was very kind and suggested that I could only take one piece of luggage with me. So she suggested that if I could combine both bags into one that would be fine, otherwise she would charge me double. "

Mod:"Light travelers like us should have more freedom to choose 1 17x10x5" and a 12"x10"x3" laptop bag"

Advantage:"The pilot and crew were friendly and helpful."

Mod:"The plane was thirteen hours late. The plane was very old and broken (we couldn't fly because of a broken fuel gauge)."

Advantage:"Boarding staff and flight crew were friendly and professional."

Mod:"The United gate at Logan Airport was pretty terrible. Poor signage, limited bathrooms, and all the dining options were pretty expensive."

Advantage:"The crew was very friendly. The pilot gave us a lot of up-to-date information. Entertainment was available during the flight."

Mod:"The flight is delayed again. 4 United flights, ALL 4 flights delayed. The flight is not very comfortable. Boarding was messy. Group 1 lane can be used after boarding for all other groups or boarding with 2 people for a faster and smoother experience Turn about."

Advantage:"The plane was delayed for several hours, which resulted in a lost connection on FSR. United agents at both PPT and SFO were very helpful with rebooking and accommodation. A special shout out to the *captain* of this flight who helped me recover hours after a long flight."

Mod:"The media screen on my seat didn't work at all."

Mod:"The stay was only 1 hour and you couldn't go through customs, collect your luggage, check it again and get on the next flight. I was at the gate 5 minutes before the flight took off and they wouldn't let me in. I was devastated that miss it and have to wait for the next flight."

Advantage:"Due to a knee injury I needed more personal assistance, the customer service and attention I received was AMAZING - from handling through check-in, special assistance with luggage, special seat selection, wheelchair assistance throughout the security and boarding process to the professionalism of ALL crew after being diverted to Iceland for a passenger medical emergency."

Mod:"Due to urgent medical care and referral to Iceland, the flight time was extended by almost 4.5 hours. The snacks/"food" offered were definitely not enough."

Mod:"It literally took 60 minutes from the time the plane arrived at the Honolulu gate until we picked up our luggage. The gate agent in San Francisco was not helpful at all. The United phone agent was not helpful either."


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