Best software to manage contacts compared to an insane egg (2023)

Managing potential customers is not an easy task, especially as it is an important part of the company. However, we will facilitate control of potential customers.


By sharing what we found after we spent more than 40 hours of inspection of contact software.We have done hard work so you can save time on software tests and spend instead of managing potential customers.

We discovered this in our researchThe best contact software is for the majorityMain.Hubspot oferuje lont Rozwiązanie do Zarządzania Kontakktem dla Metki, Która Spowoduje Spadek Szczęki: 0 USD.

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HubSpot CRM

Best for most

Free contact software is forever contact with contact with one in one in a solution for CRM, sales, marketing, user service and work. It is easy to manage the contacts in the large scales and automate the work's flow without paying a hole.

Best software to manage contacts for the majority

MainIt is the CRM platform that leads to the industry that is built for businesses of each size. If you wish you a simple way to save contacts and control of contacts while building business conditions from start to finish? Hubspot is our best choice.

The best thing is to get all the necessary features to improve contact management in marketing, sales, support and surgeryWithout the need to pay ten times.

5 of the best options for solving contacts to be considered

  1. Main- Best software to manage contacts for most
  2. Start- best if you are currently using budget tables for contacts
  3. Value- Best Transform Gmail in a light CRM
  4. freelancers based on projects and small teams
  5. To design- best if you have trouble getting in touch with your network

When it is worth investing in contact software

Contact control software offers a centralized place to store information to potential customers, customers, suppliers, suppliers, employees and other types of contacts.

You can also use it for notes, automation of repeated tasks and monitoring interactions.

Contrary to a complete CRM, contact management tools focus on simplicity, ease of use and affordability for small teams and solo abusers looking for a better way to manage contact information.

Although spreadsheets and sticky notes work well when you just start, contact the administration software help the process automation so you can do more without hiring new team members.

You will not be able to follow the climb in the contact list.

The ideal drug is thus between budget tables or other crafts and tools for a business class whose learning lasts months (and costs hundreds of dollars a month).

#1 -Main- Best software to manage contacts for most

Best software to manage contacts compared to an insane egg (2)

HubSpot CRM

Best for most

Free contact software is forever contact with contact with one in one in a solution for CRM, sales, marketing, user service and work. It is easy to manage the contacts in the large scales and automate the work's flow without paying a hole.

MainThis is a gold standard for CRM software as it offers a comprehensive set of features that include sales, marketing, support and operational activitiesfree.

This is seriously related to everything you need to improve the contact process throughout the company. Free level of any other free CRM (and even many paid CRMs).

We are not just talking about an extended free process here. In fact, you can stay in the free plan for years - maybe even forever - without exhaustion of everything he can offer.

You can save up to one million contacts for contact information.

And use it intuitively when you know.

Start more time than other options on our list, but it's worth if you want something that gives a lot of space for development and advanced features that you don't have to pay for.

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One of the biggest reasons why we love Hubspot is that you can refer to leads as "marketing" or "non-marketing."Constant specific, as suppliers, freelancers, partners and customers are treated differently from those you will actively sell with as they should sell as they should.

You don't have to worry about accidentally sending e marketing to one of your suppliers or sales contacts on the other side of the world.

HubSpot can also automatically download enriched information about your contacts, including where they work, their position in the business and more, so you never have to dig in to get the context of who is that person or how to bring them more closely.

Each plan contains the option of adding VOIP services so you can make calls, register them and attach records over contacts in your account.

This means that you can always return to your relationships to remember what happened. You can even use them for training purposes and make sure your team always does a good job when interacting with existing and potential customers.

The free plan contains 15 free minutes a month. But you can buy extra minutes if you need them or integrate them instead with the existing VOIP system.

Although Working Flow designer is not available in a free plan, you can still configure a simple automation that will make your life easier and give you more work without sacrificing the quality or hiring of a new one.

You can also configure dynamic lists (free plan includes five) that are automatically sorted and updated based on the variables you collect about your contacts.

For example, if you are running bricks, you can configure a dynamic list that only includes people living near your physical location. In that way you can talk to these contacts differently from someone living in another state.

The free plan also allows you to configure the automatic response that immediately gives an E -mail message when someone fills out the form on your site.

Even if you do not get the ability to create customized automation, you can still enjoy many pre -built automated features that perform many repeated tasks from the board.

When it comes to connecting other business tools with contact software, HubSpot is a clear winner with 252 integration of a single click.

  • Gmail
  • Perspective
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Many calendars
  • Dozens of payments
  • Sms alati
  • Loose
  • Increase

So if you want to connect all your tools and approach the most comprehensive set of features without paying a trifle, free CRM HubSpot is by far the best solution.

If you need more functionality or ever need to upgrade later, the price will start at $ 68 per day.month.Even if you are updating, you can still have as many users on the free level as you want so you don't have to update everything across your business.

Best software to manage contacts compared to an insane egg (4)

However, the main disadvantages are the wrong pricing packages, utility limits, which are very different depending on the plan and features that bleed from one hub to another.Not easy.

But it doesn't affect the free plan so you don't have to worry now.Just remember that if you decide to update later.

Register yourself to get a free plan foreverTo check if HubSpot is suitable for you!

#2 -Start- best if you are currently using budget tables for contacts

Best software to manage contacts compared to an insane egg (5)


Best if you are currently using budget tables

Bigin is the first light in the CRM industry (and prices), especially for small businesses seeking better ways to manage contacts without the most advanced features you will never use. Leaving in the next 30 minutes - guaranteed.

>> Start for free!

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Start in 30 minutes or less withStartContact control software.

Bigin is refreshingly simple. Thanks to be it, at first glance, you can follow all your contacts and the most important information about them - everything from a minimalist navigation desk.

As such, all the information you need is always at your fingertips. And you won't feel overwhelmed by abundance of features you'll never use.

It is built specifically for small businesses looking for light CRM, so you can enjoy a simple, simple interface that contains everything you need (and you have nothing) in a friendly budget.

But don't let the minimal user interface or the lack of smart features deceive you.

Bigin is definitely the force that should take into account when it comes to collecting potential customers, improving customer relationships and closing more bids.

Best software to manage contacts compared to an insane egg (6)

Initially, you can use the drag-and-slip formulard designer to create built-in forms using non-standard fields, so you can start collecting information from day one.

From there you can build a complete configuration of pipelines to monitor each contact when you pass your business. In a paid plan you can have as many pipelines as you need and use them as you like.

Bigin pipes are fully configured and you can add as many phases as you need.There is 100% "drag and autumn", which facilitates transmission of contacts from one step to another (or you can configure the automation to do it for you).

You can even @mmentorion members of your team and assign tasks when you are ready to transfer contact from one feature to another - for example from marketing for sale.

Users can filter and review pipelines, contacts and tasks, but they would always like to have their eyes on the most important details without digging for hours and trying to find what they are looking for.

Having this level of visibility allows you to identify weaknesses and narrow throats in your process so you can improve these areas, make better decisions and analyze your results.

While Bigin is sold as a sales tool, his interface is versatile enough to work for other things, such as marketing, employment, supplier, customer service and operation. So you can use it to improve dozens of processes for full use of new software.

It is also equipped with a Work Flow Designer that facilitates the automation of repeated tasks.

If you understand the basic logic, you can easily configure non-standard operating currents using the configuration in three racks with the trigger, condition and desired action.

Wanna send an automatic welcome email after someone has completed a form on your site?Want to create an automatic reminder to follow up with someone if they open your email and don't respond within five days?Maybe you will automatically move a contact from one pipeline step to another.Just a few clicks.


The BIGA signal feature sends automatic messages if you miss a link, someone opens your E -mail, contact publishes a new tweet or receive a new E email so you can use settings at the right time.

In addition, the features of the built telephony allow you to buy phone numbers, call calls and a recording connection or contact posts without lowering the platform.

You can show all interactions in the display of the time axis along with the conditions, e -mail, tweets and buy to get the entire context in each contact on the list.

If you want to connect all business tools and expand the Bigina functionality, there are seven cleared integrations with other DAWN applications and external tools such as Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, MailChimp and Zapier.

You can also integrate with over 50 VOIP suppliers and telephony without accessories or knowledge required for their configuration.

Although the integrations of a click are limited, there are dozens of clear things that make it easier to connect everything through the spell if you are not sure how to use it.

There are three plans to choose, including:

  • Free- The free plan only supports one user. However, you can save up to 500 items and create a maximum of three work currents and a pipeline.
  • Express- This plan costs $ 7 a month. You can create up to 50,000 items, ten work currents and three pipelines.
  • Premier- It costs $ 12 a month and is suitable for 100,000 items, 30 work currents and ten pipelines.
Best software to manage contacts compared to an insane egg (7)

These prices are based on an annual settlement.There is an opportunity to pay from month to month. However, you can save 20%by choosing the annual settlement, which is a good offer.

Free plan is a great place to start if you want to try it before investing or just starting it. Inside time is the paid plan the cheapest option on the market, making it a wise choice for anyone looking for a simple one,But powerful, lightly CRM.

Sign up for a free procedure or free plan foreverTo check if Bigin is suitable for you today!

#3 -Value- Best Transform Gmail in a light CRM

Best software to manage contacts compared to an insane egg (8)


Best for gmail -users

Don't want to add another tool you need to integrate with your technology back?String works directly in your Gmail inbox so you don't have to switch between the two tools during the day or learn a brand new user interface.Removing your gmail in a light CRM in 30 seconds!

If you're a heavy gmail user,Valueto the road.

It is slightly different from other tools on our list because it is an extension of chrome that works directly in your inbox, not an independent tool approaching separately.

In case of tools whose installation lasts less than 30 seconds, you get a lot of flexibility in the way you use it and configure it for your business.

But it is still extremely easy to use. It is entitled to combine interface to Google and Gmail in a tool. As you know the use of both, you have no problem learning how to use and implement your race.

The best part is that you do not have to switch between the tools to see all the information you need and contact information.

Best software to manage contacts compared to an insane egg (9)

Everything is within your receipt box, including notes, related tasks, enriched data, pipeline status and many others.

You can immediately see all the most important information about any contact you are talking to without having to leave the composer E email.

You will also know what step the pipeline is so you can adjust your messages correctly.

In addition, you will find out what happened in the last interaction, how long it has gone since you talked to them when you opened your last e -mail, their role and all the other non -standard information you have collected about.

All of this information (and the way they are organized) is 100% configured, so you always have information you need at first glance.

You can show all interactions in the display of the time axis, regardless of who talked to them, including e -mile, records of connections, files, notes and completed tasks associated with this contact.

So it's easier than ever to pick up where the last person interrupted.

Streak also allows you to configure pipelines with configured and distinctive colors to easily monitor your contacts.

You can configure a toe for each project, one for each type of services offered, hot and cold water or low, medium -sized and high priority support.

Customers can get a bird's view of each pipeline without lowering the mail. They can also create custom views so that they always have easy access to the necessary data without the need to sort many things they are not interested in.

Because Striak acts directly in your inbox, there are several features that have no other options on our list. One of them is E -Alac Coalling that allows you to send massive e -maile with personalized areas such as name, companyand other non -old information.

Thanks to this, at the same time, you can continue with a dozen contacts, send marketing notifications in a contact group or write templates that the entire team can use Gmail directly.

Another characteristic feature is a shared library with more use fragments that the entire team can access and use at any time, resulting in uniform messages, regardless of who writes your e -mile.

Your team can also access all currents from the phone, detect in a mobile app and send a click directly to their phones so they do not have to manually enter the phone numbers to make calls.

However, users cannot make changes or edit anything, and the entire mobile application is quite limited compared to other settings on our list.

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In addition to gmail and phone, the integration of a click is limited. However, there is a record integration that locks more than 1000 other tools and an open API interface to pay you even more inbox if you want.

One of its main disadvantages is that it lacks a workflow designer for automation.

But it's still a good choice if you spend most of the day in your Gmail box and don't want a hassle of adding separate software.

There are four plans to choose, including:

  • Free“For people who want to try it
  • Solo- $ 15 perMonth for a maximum of 5000 contacts
  • Professional- $ 49 a month for unlimited contacts
  • Undertaking- $ 129 a month to check the correctness of data and priority support
Best software to manage contacts compared to an insane egg (10)

If you are a solo broke with less than 500 contacts, a free plan is a great opportunity. This is also a great place to start if you want to try it before you invest.

Register yourself to get a free plan foreverJoin today's test!

#4 freelancers based on projects and small teams

Best software to manage contacts compared to an insane egg (11)

Best for team -based teams is a completely flexible project management software that can be used to manage projects and contacts a place. Get everything you need to monitor contacts through marketing, sales, support and surgery as well as project management without paying two monthly subscriptions.

In the database,ponedjeljak.comIt is a project management software.But it has a cheap price, pre-built templates for contact management and versatility that make it a shiny light of a CRM that works well for both contact and project management.

While the other tools offer the basic function of task management, is a complete platform for project management.

Whether you want to keep track of sales, manage questions about incoming support, improve new rent, manage marketing contacts or delivery information, this tool does everything.

Freelancers and small teams will appreciate its simplicity and ease of use, and there is a lot of room for development as your business develops. The versatility on Monday also means you can use it in different departments to combine individual work currents while maintaining contact data in a centralized tool.

For example, you can easily follow new potential customers to register on their E emails when they review a process of paid customer and track the status of their projects because your team knocks the tasks from the list of things to do.

From there you can follow them after the project.

Best software to manage contacts compared to an insane egg (12)

Although versatility can make a challenge to start, offers several prepared templates to manage contacts to different industries.

So you don't have to know how to plan to use it or have experience in managing contacts to configure it and start it.All what to do is choose the template you want to start and ready.

All templates are fully configured so you can create them without the need to start from zero. -Interface certainly exceeds most of the other settings on our list.

If you know the construction of the budget tables and the use of withdrawal and discharge tools, it will not take time to feel comfortable controlling them to control contacts.

Each plan (even free) contains online patterns that you can use to collect contact information.The than you want to manage in -depth potential customers, seek incoming support or both patterns make it easier than ever before.

They automatically connect with your records on, so you never have to come to contact information.

When we talk about the plates, the platform supports more than 20 types of columns that allow you to store and monitor all the necessary information about their contacts. All these data filtration and contacts organization are simple.

The free plan includes unlimited boards, giving you plenty of room to play and configure things you want.The available floor plan includes unlimited visual pipelines, panels, non-standard fields and contacts, ensuring maximum freedom to track any processed process processed process contact throughout the company.

On Monday, Designer Visual Pipeline uses a well -known sad interface and falls in Kanban style, making it easier to code his projects and configure the configuration of the stages that fit your business.

You can also configure the automation of tasks (at a standard plan or higher) .The are very simple and only require a small basic logic.

All you have to do is set trigger, condition and desired action.

Although they are basic and easy to configure, they are also strong enough to automate hundreds of repeated tasks throughout the company. It may be necessary to automatically send contact with another E -Stip if you have not responded within two weeks.And maybe you will create a new contact with the mail when you receive arrival E email.

You can configure non -state messages, transfer contact from one phase of the pipeline to another or drop a festive message in slack after closing the new offer. also has a mobile app with the highest rated we saw, and on Google Play and App Store and App Store with tens of thousands of five reviews.

There are five plans to choose, including:

  • Free- Up to 2 users
  • Basic, basic- 8 USD monthly
  • Standard- $ 10 perUser perMonth
  • Professional- $ 16 monthly
  • Undertaking- Just prices that are not permanent
Best software to manage contacts compared to an insane egg (13)

Free plan is ideal for freelancers just start, or if you want to try it before you invest.But all plans are cheap and scalable how it develops.

Sign up for a free trial or a free forever planTo see if it suits you!

#5 -To design- best if you have trouble getting in touch with your network

Best software to manage contacts compared to an insane egg (14)

To design

Best if you are struggling with the extension

Are you struggling to keep in touch with your contacts?COV is a mobile application that generates the built -in -phone application thanks to intelligent automatic reminders, appropriate articles on information, digital business emissions and scanning of business cards in one place.

If you are looking for something even simpler than other options on our list,To designIt is an excellent alternative.

Its features are very limited, but it is easiest to use a solution and an ideal solution for busy (or forgetful) entrepreneurs, professionals, the only owners and small teams seeking a better way to keep in touch with their professional network.

Covid initially started as a mobile business scanning application.

Since then, it has turned into a contact software that is light but strong enough to bother the contact application with the phone.

It has knowledge and ease of use by using the built -in phone application with further intelligent automated reminders that come out when it's time to reach the professional network.

You never have to remember to continue the most important contacts, even if you are incredibly busy.

Best software to manage contacts compared to an insane egg (15)

You can choose between weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual and non -direct reminders for each contact from the list.

It also includes reminders for important dates such as anniversary, birthday, holiday and many others.

If none of these settings work for you, you can also configure scheduled reminders. After interaction with someone you can thank more taps. Do you remember to reach out for three weeks? Because there is no problem.

In the application you can see all your upcoming consequences so you always know what's coming and your contacts will never get too cold.

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In addition to reminders, it is easy to monitor all your interactions. However, it must be remembered that he only follows the interactions that are triggered through applications, including conditions, texts and e -maile.

You can also improve these notes relating to any contact post so you can collect the place you have done, remember what is functioning well and what isn't, or use them to add a personal touch of communication.Have their favorite sport aHold that they talk about all the time? They may have an interesting hobby or interest you can read in advance.

In your interactions, you can add a whole new level of personalization by reading headings and articles related to contact interests.

The application even provides the weather forecast and the latest news based on the location of the contact and activity to which it works.

Brands that are not constant others are useful features. You can configure as much as you want and use them to segment your contacts in a touch.alle bookmark can be searched and if you want, you can also search accordinglyWith many markings.

When the application started as a business card scanner, you still get this feature. It is very intuitive and easier than ever to digitize this huge bundle of business card, you poured into a wallet drawer, purse or garbage.

Even discovering things like a name, phone number and e email, so you don't have to write anything in you.

You can then add tags, notes and locations so you can document all the important details of your contacts without having to remember yourself.

The application has a complete two -way sync with your telephone contacts. You can also turn it off if you want to separate two applications.

The main disadvantage of this feature is that you cannot choose which contacts to sync.This is all or nothing.

One of the weirdest features we found in Covve is his ability to monitor network analysis. Can show how many reminders or notes added to the system compared to how much you still have to do. You can clearly see how much work is leftto still do in this area.

If your team remains behind the introduction of clients 'notes, COVs can give you a head. Annalic can also say when you miss too many reminders, like customers' birthdays.

There are two selected plans including:

  • Free“So new users can try it
  • Covve Pro- $ 9.99 perMonth with all features
Best software to manage contacts compared to an insane egg (16)

Pro -Plan does not include -standard reminders, unlimited scan of business cards, digital business cards, backup contact and contact exports.

Both aircraft are a maximum of 8000 contacts, even if the team works with this increase in this or fully resolved without sacrificing the applicability of the application. There are also no stationary version, but developers say it will come soon.

The tool is definitely not perfect, but it is perfect in what he does.

Register yourself to get a free plan foreverTo take COVs today to the test disk!

Methodology to choose the best software to manage contacts

To help you with the best choice for your business, we looked at 37 contacts and CRM on the market. Then we narrowed them up to our five most important recommendations using the following methodology.

Access the most important information in two or fewer clicks

Contact management functions are usually not found as independent software. It is integrated into the tools that manage contacts and much more - most often in Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM).

But the biggest problem associated with CRM software is how complicated it is (and expensive).

Many companies do not need hundreds of features or want to spend hundreds of dollars a month to get the required functionality.

For this reason, we sorted dozens of tools and filtered those that make too much.

Instead of the tools that do it all, you want something simple and easy to use - so we asked for it.

Instead of providing a list of complex tools that are at best difficult, we focused on a light creerequiredFeatures and those who help small businesses or complete beginners in a transition from manual contact management to a little more power.

When we say the necessary features we mean such things:

  • Option to add notes to contact items
  • Sorting and segmentation to find what you need
  • Basic list of lists of lists that prioritize the most IT information
  • Marking and categorization so your contacts are ordered
  • Easily updated contact information when things change
  • Basic management of tasks so nothing falls through cracks

These features are found in each CRM tool. But most people feel disgusting and do not focus on creating basic features that can be. This is focused on the development of advanced features that can only be used by business class companies.

They neglect the user of a small business, thanks to which these tools are almost impossible to use for the basic need to manage contacts.

That's why we used a simple access to the information you care for the mostAndThe highest class needs features to remove these for complex tools that do not work for you.

Thanks to easy tools like those on our list, the information you need should never be more than two clicks away.

Whether you want to find contact so you can add a note to their albums, find your best contacts in a particular city or display a list of contacts you need to continue with, information that is important should never be difficultto find.

Covs and Streak make the best job of placing information where you need - in your Gmail -Inbox or direct on your phone.

You don't even need to open another tool with them to find what you need.

But if you do not ask for it, Bigin and are also easy, extremely easy to use and prioritize processing your most important information. It is definitely expensive if you want a separate tool that does not appear to be exaggerated.

Hubspot eventually occurs due to a crazy wealth of features in its free and basic plans.

But because it focuses on creating basic functionality ...ReallyOk, he deserves his place on our list.

This may now seem too much, but the basic features you get free are much better than most paid tools. And there is a lot of room to discover new ways to improve and automate the control of the road contact.

So this is an intelligent choice if you want more advanced functionality (you don't have to pay extra) how to develop.

Remember that it will not be as without mess or simple as other options.

You should never worry about repeating tasks again

The best tools for managing contacts are the basics, and they also offer a simple way to automate repeated tasks (which can be easily configured).

While CRMs with full -fully places focus on automation of everything throughout the company, contact the management tools to help automate the basic repeated tasks so you can spend more time talking to clients and not asking yourself,how to control them.

You can focus on sales more, provide better service and generate more potential customers without hiring anyone at home or outsourcing someone who can handle it.

The automation of work on work is usually very easy to create - you can configure triggers that are not sustained, the conditions and the desired actions that take place after lowering the trigger and fulfilling the appropriate conditions.

Do you automatically move someone from the main phase of the customer's pipeline after buying something? Simply.

Do you want to assign "Consultation" Status of contact after booking somewhere in your calendar? It may be necessary to automatically send contact with another e-mail if someone opens your first email but did not respond within sevendays.

Although the basics of automation of the workflow of simple and easy to configure, they are powerful and flexible.

You can use them to configure non-standard complementary remarks that automatically send SMSS or e-mail notification.Selvom Configuration of the workflow is simple enough, some tools also have built-in reminders that make them more easily configured with multipleclick.

With automation of tasks, centralization of communication is one of the most important benefits of contact management software.

So you need to look for an option that allows you to connect many communication channels and automatically download conversations or logs from E -Mail, social media, slack, phone, live chat and any channel you use to talk to people.

The best options allow you to see the full view of the time axis when the interaction took place about what was discussed and all the resulting elements of action.

Additional points if the tool automatically retrieves images, social media posts, message articles and relevant information about your contacts from different online sources to ensure even higher context.

Having all this information at your fingertips in one place means you can easily pick up the place where you have gone or convey contact with another so you can continue to talk with a firm understanding of what happened in the past.

Another feature to look for is the automatic duplicate of detection.

There is no reason (at least what we can think of) has two items for the same person - it opens this place for mistakes and misunderstandings, especially if you have other people on your team.

Some contacts with contact management are intelligent enough to understand when you have duplicates and automatically connect them to have two versions of the data.

Bigin takes the dough to automation functions and features, making it a good choice whose automation is the highest priority.

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HubSpot and offer workflow designers, but not in basic plans. You can automate some things at lower levels, but an automation that can be configured is not as flexible as we expected the two.

Covve is great if you want to automate the observers. You can't do much about it. However, it has got the worst for automation options around the world - it's great in what he does, but the automation of tasks is not one ofThese things.

If you are looking for something that can help automate the longer processes that cover the departments or potentially the entire company, CRM with full packed places may be better for you.

Look at our best type of CRM here.

Integration to save time with tools you are already using

Even with a light contact management tool, it's the key to connecting all the other software you use to run the business. Not only makes life easier, it means you can give a better experience without doing more work.

The idea is to save time and centralize information. But it only works when you play well with the platforms you use to talk to contacts and manage these conditions.

Ideally, the contact software can automatically download the information and add information to all these tools to you so that you do not have to care twice about data entry or customer service during interaction with the company.

For example, it eases to integrate the calendar potential customers and existing customers to plan time on a calendar without sending E -mail messages and back.

You can also integrate a payment port to claim payment before someone can book somewhere in your schedule.

Deep integrations with E -Mail (Gmail or Outlook) can offer detailed information directly in the arrived mail and automatically monitor conversations in the contact tools so that all interactions remain centralized in a place.

You can even activate E -Maili messages that they always know when someone opens your e -mail, but he didn't answer.

Some tools on our list also offer basic marketing features built -in -u -mail. However, you will not be able to perform the long automated sequences of E -Star that you can with E -Mail -Marketing tools.So you have to fitOn the contact tool for checking contacts is integrated with E -mail marketing services, so you can keep track of all potential customers and interactions in a place.

If you spend a lot of time on your phone, integration with the VOIP system means that you can automatically detect your phone calls, attach them to contact items and monitor the connection register without further action.

More options on our list have built -in VOIP features if you do not yet have a system. However, you have to buy phone numbers and pay for a used minute.

Customer team may want to integrate MAP software and help.

This means that you can attach inquiries for support and current conversations directly in contact software to always have a registration of any interaction.

Even if the contact is contacting someone new, everyone on your team has all the context they need to ensure a unique customer service experience without repeating information or customer searches to repeat the issues in the circle.

You also need to make sure the software is integrated with patterns on your site if you want to use them to manage in -depth potential customers or support that are concerned.

Some offer withdrawal and discharge barriers that you can use to create new patterns that you can place on your site. Yes, this connection is needed because the contact data flows smoothly from your site to the contact management system.

In case of less regular integration, you can use a Zapier or Open API interface.

HubSpot is a clear winner of this section with thousands of integration of a single click. This is against the tools used, you never have to worry about integration with HubSpot.

Bigin approaches seven integration with a single click and the barrier option with pre-built staples that can be used immediately after removal from the frame.

Streak and Covve join the phone, but they lack serious integration with other tools. However, strip has the deepest integration with Gmail, so it's a big plus. allows you only to use higher levels, which is a serious suspension. So it happened in the last place because they are inaccessible to smaller companies that do not want to update.

You and your team can be on board

Many CRM tools on the market are so complex that you need personal 1: 1 training from software vendors to start. Thousands of features are through which you can silk -the way for many things that can be invented.

The good news is that the contact software and light CRM are completely different.

No matter how you plan to use it and the level of experience, it should be extremely easy to start. If this is not the case, we strongly recommend that you try something else.

After all, the goal is simplicity. The designers on our list cut most of the advanced functionality that you never need as a small business user or solo. So there is no need to overcome the learning curve for more than 30 minutes

If you want to throw a laptop out the window or pull your hair out of the frustration, the tool is probably too complicated for your needs.

To say it, it's more worth learning (with something like hubspot) can be paid if you plan to develop quickly or you know you need more advanced options along the way.

HubSpot offers many features in the free plan, so it's definitely not as easy to learn as everything else on our list. But there's unlimited space for development that other tools simply can't offer.

The best way to start working as soon as possible is the proposal before construction that can be installed and customized if necessary.

The templates allow you to start the foundation, not to build yourself.Therefor we recommend that you check the carefully clear templates for each supplier to see if there is someone similar to what you are looking for.

If this is the case, the new system configuration only takes a few clicks. Some may need a small correction to make them you, but the procedure for this action should be simple.

Even if you start over, the configuration of a new tool should not feel like you are climbing Everest. You should make sense, feel intuitive and last less than 30 minutes.

Whether you say goodbye to manage your contacts through a spreadsheet, Sticky Notes, notebooks or some other form of contacts, imports of contacts are another step.

Be aware of how it works. Can you just send your budget table and all that? Do you need to make changes to the budget table to work?fields.

Unfortunately, there is no good way to import sticky notes or notebooks. So you have to bite the ball there and enter everything manually.

If you want to sync your system with your phone or e -mail account, check it before deciding. Some options do not allow you at all, others only give you the opportunity for all or nothing and others allow you todecide which contacts you should bring.

In addition to the system configuration, the known user interface gives even better impressions, especially if you have never used contact control or CRM software before.

Many of them feel similar to the use of the spreadsheet - if you have worked so far, we strongly recommend that you comply with HubSpot or

Bigin's configuration is a little different, but he will not handle habits. Many people even prefer an unconventional configuration rather than the budget table because it is much easier to use.

Streak and COVs are a completely different interface. Streak works directly in Gmail's arriving mail, but also acts as a budget table that will still have some acquaintance.

Covve is only available on the phone. In a long time because you know how to use the phone, they learn to be easy.

To say this, the best way to find out what suits you is to sign up for a free procedure or a free plan forever. You can have fun and make sure you do what you need,Get used to the interface before issuing ten times.

Best software to manage contacts compared to an insane egg (17)

HubSpot CRM

Best for most

Free contact software is forever contact with contact with one in one in a solution for CRM, sales, marketing, user service and work. It is easy to manage the contacts in the large scales and automate the work's flow without paying a hole.


Our best choice for contacts for most people is our best choiceMain.Dostajesz Wszystko, Czego Potrzebujesz do Probługi Kontaktów I Ich Informacji - Potem Niektóre - Wszystko Za Danmo Od Jednego Z Liderów Branży.

However, hubspot may not be perfect for everyone or can be an exaggeration for your needs. Heritage to check our reviews of other contact settings to see if anyone sounds better to your needs. Or just use our methodological considerations while performing your own research.


How do I choose a contact management software? ›

How to Choose a CRM
  1. Step 1: Identify your needs.
  2. Step 2: Check CRM features and tools.
  3. Step 3: Test drive the CRM.
  4. Not involving CRM users. Some companies only consult executives when choosing a CRM. ...
  5. Ignoring business needs. ...
  6. Implementing a CRM without a Sales Strategy. ...
  7. Believing a high price equals a better fit.
May 20, 2021

What is the most important tool needed to facilitate an email contact management strategy? ›

Database health is one of the most important pieces of your contact management strategy. The more contacts you have, the bigger your sample size is.

What is HubSpot used for? ›

HubSpot is a CRM platform that connects everything scaling companies need to deliver a best-in-class customer experience into one place. Our crafted, not cobbled solution helps teams grow with tools that are powerful alone, but better together.

How do I manage contacts without CRM? ›

How to manage customer relationships without a CRM
  1. Ensure effective communication between marketing and sales teams. ...
  2. Prioritize transparency. ...
  3. Leverage built-in integrations. ...
  4. Use application integration tools. ...
  5. Automate everything you can. ...
  6. Use your business communication app. ...
  7. Sort messages in your inbox.
May 10, 2021

Do I need a CMS or CRM? ›

If you sell products online and spend a lot of time updating your site, you'll probably want a reliable CMS to streamline things. Conversely, if you spend more time interacting with clients and following leads, a CRM will serve you well.

What is the difference between contact management and CRM? ›

While a CMS is great for managing contacts and keeping general tabs on important people, a CRM is for managing the full progression of a customer interaction. CRMs lead up to signing the contract, and follow the relationship well after it.

Which type of software is used by companies to handle contact with customers? ›

CRM software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a tool that lets businesses manage and track customer interactions. It's most commonly associated with sales, but there are some customer success applications for it, too.

Which Outlook feature helps manage contacts? ›

Manage your contacts in Outlook for Windows
  • Select People.
  • Select New contact.
  • Add details.
  • Select Details to add more info.
  • Select Save & Close.

Is it worth paying for HubSpot? ›

HubSpot is an investment and its all-in-one platform offers many benefits to businesses. For companies that need a comprehensive platform to track marketing, sales, customer service and customer data, HubSpot is worth the money.

Is HubSpot better than Salesforce? ›

To summarize their differences succinctly: Salesforce has an edge when it comes to reporting and customization. HubSpot has less of a learning curve, boasts a superior interface, and offers better-rounded marketing and sales tools at an accessible price point (not to mention a free tier).

What problems does HubSpot solve? ›

HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales software that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. It's a cloud-based platform, so all your data is synced across teams and devices, while updates are instant and automatic.

Does Google have a contact management system? ›

Google Contacts manages and centralizes your client data.

Google Contacts is an essential online address book where you can add new contacts, import them, export them, edit them, send emails to them, search through them, merge them, restore deleted ones, and share access with team members for contacts they may need.

What can I use instead of CRM? ›

Top 10 Alternatives to Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  1. Salesforce Sales Cloud.
  2. NetSuite.
  3. Pipedrive.
  4. HubSpot Sales Hub.
  5. ClickUp.
  6. Wrike.
  7. Zoho CRM.
  8. Nextiva.

How do I organize my contacts database? ›

Organizing Your Contact Database
  1. Back up your data. Your business is built on the strength of your customer data, and the last thing you need is to lose this data. ...
  2. Pause any active integrations or syncs you may have. ...
  3. Remove duplicates. ...
  4. Delete outdated or incorrect data. ...
  5. Manually scan your contacts.
Oct 22, 2021

Why not to use a CMS? ›

Disadvantages of a CMS

A CMS is a huge security risk unless it is regularly maintained and updated. Although most CMS release updates/fixes/patches regularly, widely used content management systems generally invite more hackers than websites that do not use a content management system or encrypted websites.

Is there a free version of HubSpot? ›

You can use HubSpot's free CRM tools at no cost. With up to 1,000,000 contacts and no limits on users or customer data, HubSpot's free CRM functionality is 100% free, with no expiration date. More advanced CRM features are available with paid HubSpot plans.

At what point do you need a CRM? ›

The visibility of data is just as important as collecting it. Rather than relying on gut-feel, a CRM provides the data you need to make your business decisions. If you want to run sales forecasts or review your sales, marketing, or other businesses activities, then a CRM system will give you what you need.

Why is CRM better than Excel? ›

Communication Tracking. With Excel, there is no way to track your communication with leads and customers. Even if you want to add the dates and times of when you contacted a lead, the data has to be entered manually. With CRM software though, all your communication can be tracked.

Is CRM part of Microsoft Office? ›

Microsoft combines Microsoft Office 365 with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to give users an offering with the Microsoft Office applications they know so well and a CRM solution that is accessible over the Internet.

What is contact management platform? ›

CRM tools are digital platforms that businesses use to provide their employees with real-time data, and track and manage relationships with their customers. CRM tools enable organisations to: Access data from anywhere. Integrate customer information from other sources. Integrate social information.

What is the most popular customer support software? ›

Top 20 customer service software providers
  1. LiveAgent. LiveAgent is a multichannel help desk and live chat software that's great for companies of all sizes. ...
  2. MailChimp. ...
  3. Slack. ...
  4. PipeDrive. ...
  5. ClickUp. ...
  6. Socialbakers. ...
  7. Buffer.

Does Microsoft 365 have a CRM? ›

Your best CRM software solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides several business applications with CRM functionality that can be used alone or together to achieve your goals and are available to try free.

How do I create a contact management system? ›

Next, follow these steps:
  1. Define Key Attributes for Your Contacts. ...
  2. Set Up Your Contact Management Database. ...
  3. Start Tracking Contacts Who Interact With You. ...
  4. Use a Social Media Dashboard to Manage Interactions Online. ...
  5. Create a Dashboard to Visualize Your Relationships. ...
  6. Interact and Grow Your Relationships.
Apr 14, 2017

Does Microsoft have a contact management tool? ›

Stay organized and manage all of your clients, contacts, and relationships through our simple, easy-to-use, powerful, contact management tools.

Does Microsoft have a contacts app? ›

Use the People app to see all your contacts in one place, listed alphabetically. To open the app, select the Start button, and then select People. Enter your account info if you're asked to sign in. To add all the contacts associated with your email account, select Settings > Add an account and follow the instructions.

Can you organize the contacts in Outlook? ›

To sort your contacts, do the following: Click People. Click Home > Current View > List. Click the column heading you want to sort on.

Is there something better than HubSpot? ›

Zoho CRM. Zoho CRM is another option well worth considering. It competes with HubSpot on a number of levels: both provide you with a basic range of features (to build workflows, nurture leads, and organize tasks), and both allow you to import lists, files, and leads for ease of platform-switching or integration.

Which is more expensive Salesforce or HubSpot? ›

Is HubSpot cheaper than Salesforce? HubSpot offers a free option and Salesforce does not, which gives HubSpot a definite price advantage for its basic plan.

What is HubSpot CRM best for? ›

HubSpot CRM enables sales and marketing teams to manage contacts, track deals, view sales pipeline in real time, identify high-quality leads to go after and automate email marketing.

Why Zoho is better than HubSpot? ›

HubSpot offers more advanced features than Zoho, but you need to upgrade to significantly more expensive plans to get access to these features. Zoho's feature set is slightly less advanced than HubSpot, but its more affordable pricing plans mean it is a more realistic choice for small to medium-sized businesses.

Who competes against HubSpot? ›

9 Affordable HubSpot Competitors
HubSpot competitorStarting priceG2 rating
Salesforce Pardot$1250/mo4.0
5 more rows
Mar 17, 2023

Why Zendesk is better than HubSpot? ›

What is difference between Zendesk and HubSpot? Zendesk is a low-cost CRM option offering sales and customer service feature. Hubspot is a robust, comprehensive CRM that offers marketing, sales, and customer service features, and is typically more expensive but does offer a solid free plan.

Who uses HubSpot? ›

Companies using Hubspot CRM for CRM include: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, a Japan based Manufacturing organisation with 77991 employees and revenues of $3860.28 billion, Walmart, a United States based Retail organisation with 2300000 employees and revenues of $611.29 billion, Shell, a United Kingdom based Oil, Gas and ...

How can I use HubSpot more effectively? ›

7 Tips for Getting the Most Out of HubSpot: Best practices
  1. Sort out how HubSpot works. ...
  2. Figure out how your team needs to work in HubSpot. ...
  3. Work out a growth strategy. ...
  4. Plan long-term goals. ...
  5. Use the right automation and workflow. ...
  6. Keep your data clear. ...
  7. Get the maximum benefits from your investment.

Is it hard to learn HubSpot? ›

Easy to Create: HubSpot is not only easy for users to navigate and use daily, but it is also incredibly easy to create with. For example, content creation areas like landing pages, forms, and emails, are all drag and drop. You can also bulk-create and schedule social media content.

How do I choose a management system? ›

5 Key Considerations When Choosing a Document Management System
  1. User-friendliness should come first. ...
  2. Ensure that the software aligns with desired business benefits. ...
  3. Factoring in security and compliance. ...
  4. Preconfigured solutions reduce implementation time from weeks to days. ...
  5. Must-haves for every office automation solution.
Jan 31, 2022

How would you evaluate and select an CRM system? ›

How to approach CRM vendor selection
  1. Decide what you want your CRM to do by identifying shortfalls in your operation.
  2. Evaluate and compare CRM vendors based on history of performance.
  3. Consider how suitable this CRM is given the limitations of your business.

What factors should be considered before choosing CRM tool? ›

Factors to consider when choosing a CRM solution
  • Cloud or On-Premise? ...
  • Is it really a “SMARKETING” solution? ...
  • Does AI augment your sales and marketing process? ...
  • Is the CRM easy to use? ...
  • Is the CRM customizable? ...
  • How easily can you capture and engage buyers? ...
  • Will the CRM grow with you? ...
  • Will the CRM work wherever you are?
Feb 10, 2021

What is the difference between CRM and contact management system? ›

While a CMS is great for managing contacts and keeping general tabs on important people, a CRM is for managing the full progression of a customer interaction. CRMs lead up to signing the contract, and follow the relationship well after it. A CRM is a comprehensive software solution for managing customer interactions.

What are the 3 main management systems? ›

There are three major types of knowledge management systems: enterprise wide knowledge management systems, knowledge work systems, and intelligent techniques.

What are the 4 types of management systems? ›

The four management systems as identified by Likert were:
  • Exploitative Authoritative.
  • Benevolent Authoritative.
  • Consultative.
  • Participative.

What is the most preferred management style? ›

1. Democratic Management Style. As the name suggests, a manager with democratic management style is all about “what do YOU think?” The manager involves his subordinates in decision-making and takes their opinion into consideration. This type of management facilitates communication, collaboration, and participation.

What makes a CRM system good? ›

An ideal CRM makes it easy to collect and evaluate your data. It should be easy to access real-time analytics so that you can respond quickly to unexpected scenarios faster. It should allow you to customize your reports in order to analyze past sales patterns, redirect current campaigns and create a stronger strategy.

What is a CRM software? ›

What is a CRM system? It's a platform that connects your different departments, from marketing to sales to customer service, and organizes their notes, activities, and metrics into one cohesive system. Every user has easy, direct access to the real-time client data they need.

What is CRM software used for select the best answer? ›

A CRM tool lets you store customer and prospect contact information, identify sales opportunities, record service issues, and manage marketing campaigns, all in one central location — and make information about every customer interaction available to anyone at your company who might need it.

What are the four trends that will lead to growth of CRM? ›

4 Trends that Predict the Future of CRM
  • Trend #1: Automation and AI. Automation and AI will be increasingly valuable to CRM platforms in the future. ...
  • Trend #2: Personalization. ...
  • Trend #3: IoT. ...
  • Trend #4: Social media.
Mar 7, 2023

What are the 4 essential components of CRM? ›

The 4 components of customer relationship management are satisfaction, loyalty, profitability, and customer retention.

What is a contact manager system? ›

A contact manager is a software program that enables users to easily store and find contact information, such as names, addresses, and telephone numbers. They are contact-centric databases that provide a fully integrated approach to tracking all information and communication activities linked to contacts.

Why is it good to have contact management in a CRM system? ›

Contact management is essential for keeping digital records of customer data. Contact management is the process of storing and tracking data on customers and leads. In addition to providing quick access to customer data, investing in contact management can help you grow and diversify your customer base.

What are the two types of CRM systems? ›

What are the types of CRM?
  • Collaborative CRM systems.
  • Operational CRM systems.
  • Analytical CRM systems.
Jul 6, 2022


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