20 inspiring examples of core company values (2023)

The company's core values ​​are strategic attributes, ethics, behaviors and fundamental beliefs for the company.company missionand existence and aims to streamline the business. They must be what the company values ​​most in its practices, offerings and people.

We share inspiring examples of core values ​​to inspire your own development of core values ​​for your business. We study Fortune andGlassdoors 2021the best great companies to work for and how these companies have established values ​​that are unique to their overall vision as a company. We select companies that weave their values ​​into the fabric of the organization: the way they do business, reward employees, treat stakeholders and communicate with customers.

1. Hilton-Marken

HHospitality,EUIntegrity,euGuide,TTeam work,oProperty,norteAu

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(Quelle: Hilton Brands)

Hilton Brands has six words that sum up its values. The only value that isn't very self-explanatory might pique curiosity, and that's "Now." Hilton really explains this word very well: “Now:We act with a sense of urgency and discipline.” In the world of hospitality, urgency is definitely something the customer values, and Hilton demonstrates customer awareness by adding value to this feature.

The company also cleverly frames its values ​​around an acronym of the company's name, making it easy to remember not only for employees, but also for various other stakeholders, such as customers and shareholders.

Hilton clearly lives by its corporate values. As someone claimsEmployee Reviews on Glassdoor: "Hilton is an amazing company that offers opportunities for growth and a culture of purpose." This is a true testament to the company's values ​​of leadership, teamwork and personal responsibility experienced by its employees.

2. HubSpot

Employees who work at HubSpot have HEART:


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(Image source: Hubspot)

No wonder that on a site where employees can submit complaints anonymously,hubspotis the fourth largest company to operate in 2021Glassdoor.com. It was their entire value system built around employees and the HEART acronym, and it shows. In a company where employees really feel valued, HubSpot is also skyrocketing in the stock market, which is probably no coincidence. In fact, HubSpot has been on Glassdoor's Top 20 list for seven consecutive years as one of the best companies to work for.

3. Target company

more for your money
The best shopping experiences.
A healthy, happy and valued team.
a brighter future
Ethical Business Practices

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(Image source: target)

If you google "target values" you won't find much. That's because Target rejected the term "values" and rephrased it as "commitments," which are action-oriented and imply a company promise to the world.

These commitments contain a multitude ofTarget business practices, philosophies, operations, charity, and more, and align them under a handful of interrelated and valuable terms. The company focuses on guest experience, inclusion, pay equity and benefits for its team members, as well as giving and charitable causes.

4. In Lululemon

Personal responsibility

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(Image source: Lululemon)

(Video) Doing Core Values | Bob Keiller | TEDxGlasgow

Lululemon is becoming a hard company to ignore. Launched in 1998, the yoga-inspired clothing brand has sales of $1.5 billionin september 2021. Part of the reason for this success may be that the company lives up to its core value of inclusion as it strives for a higher minimum wage and greater benefits for its workers and, recently, theMinimum base salary from $15 to $17for most of its stores in North America.

Lululemons Wertwortethey cover common areas such as personal employee growth, innovation, transparency as a company, and connection through a shared community.

5. Marriot International, Inc.

For us, people come first.
We strive for excellence
We accept changes
We act with integrity
we serve our world

20 inspiring examples of core company values (5)

(Image source: Marriott)

Hevalores marriottThey are very action oriented. This "we are" and "we do" format helps the world realize that it's not all bullshit and that it wants and seeks to embed values ​​into its corporate culture and global hotel brand.

AsEmployee Qualificationmakes it clear that the company promotes, establishes and lives its values ​​within the employee culture: "Best employer I've ever worked for. Family atmosphere, great leadership, best core values, cares about employees."

6. Comcast

We are guided by:
an entrepreneurial spirit
Do the right thing and act with integrity
respect for each other
Give back

a telecommunications company,Komcastis one of many large companies that promotes integrity as a core value, which is evidently reflected in its corporate culture. On its human resources portal, the company puts simply what integrity means to them: "It's as simple as doing the right thing and treating people well." If so, it makes sense that integrity would be a core value for almost every company.

This mission statement of integrity is reflected in employee satisfaction; Scroll down ComcastGlassdoor pageshows one criticism after another, praising the treatment of employees and the company's internal culture.

7. Wegman's Food Markets

high standards
make the difference
I respect

20 inspiring examples of core company values (6)

(Image source: Wegmans)

wegmansfeatures a fun fact on its business overview page: In 2020, over 7,500 people contacted Wegmans to ask about a business in their community. And if you've been there, you could be one of those 7,500 people. The company demonstrates really high standards in its store experience, including a wide and varied selection, extremely high quality products, exceptional customer service and employees who seem genuinely happy.

It's not just a facade either. Employees love working for this family-owned company focused on values ​​and people, and one reviewer praisesglass door: “Wegmans is a great place to work! The benefits are great and it's a lot of fun.” Employees with this level of satisfaction are clearly experiencing the company's hierarchical values ​​of respect and empowerment.

8. Deloitte

Excellent value for markets and customers.
commitment to each other
Strength of cultural diversity

Financial consulting and services companiesDeloittehas been a respected leader in values-based workplaces for years. And while the first values ​​are standard and perhaps taken for granted, the fourth hits hard: a corporate value of strength from cultural diversity.

The company explains this value very well: “The business challenges of our member companies are complexand benefit from multidimensional thinking. We believe that working together with people from different backgrounds, cultures and mindsets helps our employees become better professionals and leaders."

The company not only lives this value in its business practice, but is also an industry-wide change maker in DE&I. In doing so, Deloitte is paving the way for companies to embark on an inclusive path that not only embraces, but also thrives on diversity and makes employees of all backgrounds, cultures and mindsets feel valued and heard.

9. Zoom Communications

Concern: with the community, customers, company, teammates, with oneself

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(Image source: Zoom)

(Video) YOUR VALUE - Powerful Motivational Speech

It's been a good few yearsEnlargement. But the growth hasn't got in the way of the driving force behind its one value: care. This is another very introspective value that specifically speaks to and appeals to employees. Many company values ​​speak to the team and are therefore posted on the jobs, careers or staff pages of a company website. This broad general value is easy for everyone in the organization to learn, remember, and practice.

This culture of concern at Zoom seems to start at the top, with CEO Eric Yuan ranked among Glassdoor's Top CEOs of 2021 with an impressive 97% employee approval rating. One employee raves: "Great benefits, perks, communication from managers and teammates on an equal footing. Eric is a great CEO who cares about employees as individuals... I believe in him as a leader."

10. Ernst & Young LLC


People who demonstrate integrity, respect, teamwork and inclusiveness.
People with energy, enthusiasm and courage to lead
People who build relationships by doing the right thing

20 inspiring examples of core company values (8)

(Image source: Ernst & Young)

HeErnstOur approach to values ​​is to frame them as descriptive characteristics that define each member of your global team of more than 282,000 people. With a global presence and a long history as a Big Four accounting firm, its team of professionals reflects its values ​​and continues to be a great company with great success.

11. Delivery truck

Everything we do supports creativity and we are driven by our five values:
1) We are determined
2) We are connected with our consumers and each other
3) We are inclusive
4) We are expressive and fun
5) Above all, we are a family

20 inspiring examples of core company values (9)

(Image source: Vans)

delivery trucksranked 29th100 glass doorsone of the best companies to work for in 2021 and its values ​​help make this ranking a reality. Any company that emphasizes some form of employee satisfaction and expression in most of its corporate values ​​will help foster a happy workforce by delivering on its promise.

Vans seems to apply these values ​​to its corporate culture: one employee review offered an enthusiastic comment: "fantastic discount. Good people. They focus on growth and development early on and have very supportive managers.That definitely sounds like connectivity, inclusion, and family values ​​in the workplace.

12. Sanofi

Teamwork - Courage - Respect - Integrity

20 inspiring examples of core company values (10)

(Image source: Sanofi)

Sanofi is a growing global pharmaceutical company with more than 100,000 employees and counting$42 billion in global revenue. What's special about company values, while not surprisingly original, is how the company applies them to make employees feel valued.

Hidden in the About Us section of Sanofi's US website is a section called "Inside Sanofi', which includes employee recognition, awards, highlights, personal stories and family photos. This is evidence of a values-driven company that values ​​teamwork and true respect and integrity for its employees through their actions.

13. Intuitive

Integrity without compromise
customer obsession
stronger together
We care and we give back

20 inspiring examples of core company values (11)

(Video) Grit: the power of passion and perseverance | Angela Lee Duckworth

(Image source: Intuit)

financial software services companyIntuitiveoffers an entire master class on values ​​on its Intuit Operating Values ​​landing page. Here you clearly formulate your values ​​before listing them: “Our operating values ​​are at the heart of our culture and define how we work. Our values ​​keep us firmly anchored in the key areas that define who we are and how we work, internally and globally." This is a great introduction to values-based business in general and how values ​​make a company successful.purpose.not only profitable can.

If you can spare two minutesWatch the company values ​​videolearn directly from CEO Sasan Goodarzi the importance and application of values ​​for the success of a company.

14. Cover my medications

to be one
do the right thing
accept challenges
result count
be selfless

20 inspiring examples of core company values (12)

(Image source: CoverMyMeds)

For an explosive new company whose public purpose is: "Helping people get the medicines they need to live healthier lives."CoverMyMedsit is also disturbing when it comes to values.

It's a beautifully articulated introduction to the company's values ​​to say, "That's it."who we are, not just something we wrote on the wall.” That's the real point of values ​​and value statements: sometimes they look good, but their value is only skin deep unless it's lived, lived, and experienced inside and outside the organization.

15. Infosys

The values ​​that drive us reinforce our commitment to:
customer value
lead by example
integrity and transparency

20 inspiring examples of core company values (13)

(Image source: Infosys)

infosysis a multinational digital services and consulting company headquartered in India. Corporate Values ​​Prologue is another general term that sums up a list of values: Allows company employees to sleep with a clear conscience. Because all its values ​​are based on integrity, honesty and ethics.

The company demonstrated this, among other things, in its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic among its nearly 250,000 employees worldwide. As one employee put it, leadership is clearly committed to applying the company's values ​​in how they handle conflict. "Given the current world situation, I think soInfosys has put the well-being of [its] employees above corporate profits,and I think [that] we as an organization will come out the other side with a stronger bond between employees and management.”

16. Trader Joe

product oriented
Inspiring customer service
without bureaucracy
The store is the brand.
We are a national chain of neighborhood grocers

20 inspiring examples of core company values (14)

(Image source: Trader Joe's)

Although we could easily dissect anyoneTrader Joe StocksAnd linking them to its success, for now it is only worth mentioning that Japanese word that has value in itself: kaizen. Kaizen is the Sino-Japanese word for "improvement", but it has earned its reputation and definition as "continuous improvement" in the business world.

Related to a company's value, leadership continues to drive the company toward continual improvement and enhancement of products, branding, store experience, and customer service. We could all benefit from 'Kaizen' as a personal or corporate core value.

17. Travel insurance

Honesty - Integrity - Responsibility

20 inspiring examples of core company values (15)

(Video) The Core Values that Stick | LJMB Training, January 20, 2022 #corevalues #cascade #abstract

(Image source: travel insurance)

Because insurance is such a lucrative and necessary industry in the US, an insurance company without titles can be disastrous andtravel insuranceThere is no lack of corporate values. While her three marketable values ​​are simply honesty, integrity, and accountability, she has more than a dozen value drivers, each warranting their own website and statement. This shows that there is no single way of approaching and communicating corporate values.

An employee praises the corporate value of diversity and inclusion in aGlassdoor review: “They promote diversity, inclusion and equality. They offer competitive wages and benefits and promote work-life balance.”

18.E.&J. gallo warehouse

Integrity - Respect - Humility - Innovation - Commitment - Teamwork

20 inspiring examples of core company values (16)

(Image source: Weingut E.&J. Gallo)

Innovation is a pursuit and significant value for technology companies, finance companies and retailers who can always be looking for an advantage. But what does innovation have to do with wine production, an industry8000 years?

based in californiaE&J warehouse roosterHe explains his value for innovation this way: "Put great value on great ideas... Challenge the conventional way of doing things, never be satisfied." Therefore, he is never satisfied and demonstrates innovation both in winemaking and in other businesses.

He is strongly committed to sustainability and innovative, environmentally conscious production that spans land conservation initiatives, energy efficiency, agribusiness incubation and water management.

19. Discount tire

Treat people with respect and fairness
take care of those in need
you always do the right thing
Work hard
Be responsible
have a good time

20 inspiring examples of core company values (17)

(Image source: Discount Tire)

When we think of fun and good times, tires usually don't come to mind. Although,discount tires, ranked the 86th Best Company on Glassdoor 2021, likes to challenge that perception.

She applies her sixth value, "Have fun," to her entire outward-facing brand story, with the commercial and persona of an angry older woman returning an inferior tire to the retailer and throwing it into the glass case. mirrored.

This case study of successfully injecting fun and humor into a bland product is an example of a company that values ​​its marketing, its brand, and its tongue-in-cheek culture. Discover the backstory of1976 Werbespot „Old Lady“.which is still on the air today.

20. MD Anderson Cancer Center

Care - Integrity - Discovery - Safety - Responsibility

20 inspiring examples of core company values (18)

(Image source: MD Anderson)

Why so much the topCancer Hospital in the United Statesand Best Place to Work in 2021 according to Glassdoor, MD Anderson Cancer Center's values ​​are clearly worth noting. When a company is so successful in a field that is so sensitive, stressful, and tense with customers and employees, something in its core values ​​shines through.

“Care” and “care” should be an obvious value of every healthcare professional, but it is not.MD Andersonexplains this value with a few points:

(Video) How great leaders inspire action | Simon Sinek

  • Through our words and actions, we create a supportive environment for everyone.
  • We are sensitive to the concerns of our patients and staff.
  • We treat each other with respect and courtesy at all times.
  • We encourage and reward teamwork and inclusion.

It's clear that the staff subscribe to this valuable culture of care and expertise that helps them provide care and kindness to their patients in need. As one reviewer bluntly put it: “Great culture. Good place to work."

final result

Having the company's values ​​is important, as well as abusiness philosophyIs important. As the companies mentioned above and the examples they provide show, it is particularly important to have values ​​that are meaningful, authentic and an integral part of the company.Vision, mission, direction, motivation and daily drive. A company that stays true to its values ​​is more sincere, reliable, determined, social and consistent. A company that lives by its values, in turn, increases the value of its brand, its workforce and its bottom line.


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