20+ Best Online Marketplaces in Germany - E-Commerce Germany News (2023)

The e-commerce market is growing. In recent years more and more stationery shops have decided to go online. The key to attracting customer interest is having a presence on multiple online marketplaces. Do you sell clothes in your online shop? Great! But who says you can't put them on Zalando too?

The e-commerce market in Germany is one of the largest in the world. Around75% of German companiesThey mainly work through e-commerce channels. So get to know the largest e-commerce marketplaces in Germany. You don't have to join them right away. It is important to monitor the activities of the largest companies in the industry. You can learn a lot that way.

As online marketplaces are becoming more and more popular in Germany, you should pay attention to price comparison platforms andcost withBOM software. When e-commerce cooperates with such a website, it makes shopping much easier for the customer. If you find out where the prices are the cheapest, you can start shopping on this website immediately.

Why are retailers implementing online marketplaces?

  • Online channels allow you to reach a large number of customers in a short time. They provide a ready-to-use foundation for customers looking for specific products.
  • When entering online marketplaces, a company can launch more than one product at a time. This will give customers more options, bringing more interest and more sales to the company.
  • Many marketplaces offer the option to notify you when the product is back in stock. This is much more convenient for the customer than going to the local shop from time to time. Thanks to newsletters in which the company's products can appear, the company receives additional advertising.

Examples of online marketplaces

We live in a time where we spend most of our lives online. A company that wants to reach as many customers as possible must be listed on at least one of the online marketplaces.

There are some methods that we can recognize:

  • Vertical marketplaces dedicated to a single category of product or service: Airbnb for rentals or Bolt for transportation
  • horizontal marketplaces dedicated to multiple categories, e.g. B. Idealo or Amazon
  • Product marketplaces dedicated to offering physical products
  • Virtual marketplaces dedicated to offering virtual products (e.g. for players, virtual currency or virtual assets)
  • Service markets dedicated to offering services
  • hybrid markets geared towards offering products and services
  • Niche markets that only cover a small part of the market

We have prepared for you a list of the most popular in Germany.

Fasten your seat belt!


20+ Best Online Marketplaces in Germany - E-Commerce Germany News (1)

Kaufland.de is a combination of high brand awareness and the latest platform technology

Kaufland.deis one of the largest and fastest growing markets in Germany! As part of the Schwarz Group, Kaufland.de is one of the largest retailers in Europe.

In 2023, Kaufland will open further online marketplaces in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This step is the fundamental basis for the launch of the "Global Kaufland Market".

With just one registration, sellers can sell on multiple country-specific marketplaces with just one registration.

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More than 8,000 sellers offer more than 40 million products in more than 5,000 categories on the Kaufland Global Marketplace. This attracts 32 million visitors to Kaufland.de every month.

amazon germany

20+ Best Online Marketplaces in Germany - E-Commerce Germany News (2)

The well-known sales platform is also available in Germany.

We don't need to introduce Amazon. With an account atamazon. of, you can sell your products abroad but still receive payment in your currency. Amazon also offers its warehouses if you don't mind full control over shipping. If you prefer to keep track of things, you can easily send packages yourself. To start selling on Amazon, you must first create an account as a seller and choose a plan: Basic or Professional. Upload your product catalog and create a list from it. Finally, you have to encourage the customer: create creative descriptions of your products and take advantage of the opportunities that Amazon.de offers.


20+ Best Online Marketplaces in Germany - E-Commerce Germany News (3)

OTTO is the second largest e-commerce company in Germany after Amazon.

Ottois a giant in the fashion and lifestyle industry - thousands of users visit it every day. If you are looking for a large audience and an environmentally conscious market, you have come to the right place with OTTO. It has a strong sustainability policy and demands the same from its partners. Thanks to this, the customer can have a feeling of ethical purchase. The factories where OTTO produces work with full respect for employees and the environment. Unfortunately, it is still rare to see companies that care about sustainable development. OTTO must be a role model for other companies on how to do things ethically.


20+ Best Online Marketplaces in Germany - E-Commerce Germany News (4)

Yatego is often referred to as an online shopping center.

jagooffers more than 10,000 online shops. Here you will find retailers from different areas: from children's accessories to furniture and car accessories. By creating an account with Yatego, you not only have access to a large customer base, but also support from a personal advisor in the first 4 weeks. You can also link your Yatego account directly to your own online shop.

Etsy Germany

20+ Best Online Marketplaces in Germany - E-Commerce Germany News (5)

The paradise for manufacturers.

EtsyIt's a place for artisans or vendors from all over the world. Whether you create costume jewellery, paint or make furniture, this is where you will find your customers. Etsy charges a fee of 20p for each item and 3.5% for each transaction.

Booking.com Deutschland

20+ Best Online Marketplaces in Germany - E-Commerce Germany News (6)

One of the well-known tourist platforms.

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Booking.comis an online marketplace for the tourism industry. The world-famous travel platform connects travel lovers with hotels and hosts around the world. If you own a hotel or offer apartments for rent, you need to create an account. Thanks to this platform, your offer has the opportunity to reach more tourists visiting your region. Booking charges a commission for completed non-refundable stays.


20+ Best Online Marketplaces in Germany - E-Commerce Germany News (7)

World famous online fashion marketplace.

impostorZalandoyou can access customers from 15 countries. There you will find more than 2,000 brands and you can become one of them if you offer clothing, shoes, products from the sports category or accessories. Regardless of whether you own a company or sell individually, Zalando is open to cooperation. However, remember that the platform does not work with sellers who do not offer free shipping and free returns.


20+ Best Online Marketplaces in Germany - E-Commerce Germany News (8)

eBay is a pioneer in e-commerce.

EbayIt is also a well-known marketplace for everyone who shops online. It currently operates in more than 20 countries and facilitates sales transactions around the world. You can find a wide variety of products on eBay, from cosmetics to washing machines. No matter what industry you work in, you will find what you are looking for on eBay.

eBay Classifieds

20+ Best Online Marketplaces in Germany - E-Commerce Germany News (9)

eBay for new and used items.

EmeBay ClassifiedsYou can find many new and used things. It is the eighth largest location in Germany. If you want to buy or sell, you should take a look at eBay classifieds. Many product categories offer many possibilities. Here you can find, for example, laptops, clothes, gardening items and even cars or houses.

Social Media Markets

Let's face it, social media attracts most people. We spendabout 2 hoursScroll down all the news and drama in SM. Therefore, you must use this attention to your advantage.

20+ Best Online Marketplaces in Germany - E-Commerce Germany News (10)
  • VonInstagramintroduced us to the possibility of shopping directly from the app, it has become an essential place for online shopping lovers. This is why you should create a business account and start selling your products through Instagram. Don't forget IG Stories.62% of peoplethey say they are more interested in the product after seeing it in Stories.
  • FacebookHe also gave us the opportunity to sell with him. You can connect your shop to a Facebook page and make shopping easier for your customers. If you don't want to sell through social media, use Facebook as a "connector" between your customers and your products. Create a fansite or group where customers can share opinions or ask questions.
  • Pinterest- It may not be a hot market, but it's worth mentioning here. Many people look to Pinterest for inspiration. So why not use this interest to your advantage? If you work in fashion, interior design or architecture, you can try Pinterest. Just create a beautiful and aesthetic image and use the business option provided by Pinterest, e.g. B. Shop The Look. You can mark your products on the image and the customer is in the two-click checkout process.


20+ Best Online Marketplaces in Germany - E-Commerce Germany News (11)

Online marketplace for music creators.

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ThomannIt's a place for music lovers. Here you will find instruments, studio equipment and lighting. Everything you need to make music and perform professionally. Thomann serves many countries, e.g. Germany, Poland, Belgium and Denmark. Regardless of the country, prices are in euros.

media market

20+ Best Online Marketplaces in Germany - E-Commerce Germany News (12)

Online electronic and technological market.

media marketis a German shop that has been in business for almost 40 years! With its success abroad, MadiaMarkt set out to dominate the e-commerce world. In this market you will find electronic material: home cinemas, coffee machines, dishwashers or games. It is the second largest e-commerce store in the world.


20+ Best Online Marketplaces in Germany - E-Commerce Germany News (13)

Online technology marketplace, similar to MediaMarkt.

Saturnis another example from the technology industry. It belongs to the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group and is therefore the little brother of MediaMarkt. On average, your website is visited by over 20.5 million users per month. Worth a visit if there is a customerlooking for new headphonesor an Xbox. If you offer some tech items, you must be in this market.


20+ Best Online Marketplaces in Germany - E-Commerce Germany News (14)

Hood.de can be described as the Zalando lifestyle.

On this marketplace you can link your shop website, manage inventory and customer data.capucha.deIt also gives you the option to connect to Google Shopping and PayPal. If you're thinking of joining Hood.de, you have two plans to choose from: Basic and Professional. In the first case, the commission is from 5 to 8%, in the professional one from 3 to 7%. On a basic plan, you can offer your customers 500 products, each with a maximum of eight photos. While in the professional area, 20,000 articles and 16 photos are displayed with the possibility of zooming.

an ideal

20+ Best Online Marketplaces in Germany - E-Commerce Germany News (15)

Idealo is not only an e-commerce platform, but also a price comparison site..

The customer can compare prices and shop in one place.an idealoffers you various items. Here you will find products from different areas: cosmetics, home and garden, groceries and many, many more. All this makes Idealo one of the largest and most complete e-commerce platforms. In addition to Germany, it is available in France, Poland, Great Britain, Spain, Italy and Austria.


20+ Best Online Marketplaces in Germany - E-Commerce Germany News (16)

Lidl is a well-known supermarket chain in Europe and the United States.

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Lidloffers groceries and household products. It's not just a giant in the case of brick and mortar. The performance in e-commerce is also promising. Thanks to this online market, customers from all over the country can shop without leaving their homes.


20+ Best Online Marketplaces in Germany - E-Commerce Germany News (17)

Airbnb can be seen as an alternative to Booking.com.

airbnbIt is a tourist market primarily for private hosts who want to provide an apartment or room for a short stay. This platform is available worldwide. The service fee is 3% (10% in China). To help hosts feel safe, Airbnb offers $1 million in insurance coverage.

mobile phone, mobile phone

20+ Best Online Marketplaces in Germany - E-Commerce Germany News (18)

Online marketplace where you can find a vehicle.

mobile phone, mobile phoneis a German marketplace for consumers and companies. On this platform you can sell and buy cars, motorcycles and even caravans, used or new. Traders will also find useful vehicles here for larger transports. In addition to searching for the right car, you can also search for insurance or financing offers here.

on the purchase

20+ Best Online Marketplaces in Germany - E-Commerce Germany News (19)

OnBuy is B2C where sellers can offer new or used products.

on the purchase It's a good place where you can sell to more than 8 million customers.. You will find many products on OnBuy, thanks to the large number of categories it is easy to search for them. A customer can purchase multiple items from multiple different sellers in a single transaction. This is an extremely convenient option. OnBuy works with PayPal. So, if you want to sell on this online marketplace, you need to be prepared.

  • 600% year-over-year growthin the last 3 consecutive years
  • 35 million products
  • more than 8 million customers
  • Expansion to over 140 countriesIn progress at the end of 2023


20+ Best Online Marketplaces in Germany - E-Commerce Germany News (20)

Fruugo is available in 32 countries and sellers can sell in all countries.

Payments are possible in up to 22 currencies! The cooperation of this online marketplace is based on the principle of "no sales, no fees". This is very fair and makes it easier to sell to fresh produce retailers.fruitalso offers exchange support and after-sales service.

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20+ Best Online Marketplaces in Germany - E-Commerce Germany News (21)

ASOS is one of the e-commerce giants in the fashion industry.

It delivers products to over 140 countries around the world. Up to 7,000 new articles are added every week. Who is allowed to resell productsASOS? Young designers or advertisers familiar with trends. ASOS also has a mobile app. This application, based on a user submitted photo, matches the products available at ASOS. Sometimes technology can be amazing, right? Thing is, it's definitely worth selling at ASOS.

Online Market: Try it!

Now you know why you should implement an online marketplace and you have plenty of examples. Undoubtedly, online marketplaces offer many opportunities for businesses in most industries. Here's a simple guide: we'll show you which market to watch out for. And where to show up if you want to get the most out of ecommerce.


20+ Best Online Marketplaces in Germany - E-Commerce Germany News? ›

Amazon.de is leading the German e-commerce market, with e-commerce net sales of US$18,556 million in 2021 generated in Germany, followed by otto.de with US$6,064 million. Third place is taken by zalando.de with revenues of US$2,976 million.

What is the biggest eCommerce marketplace in Germany? ›


Who is the biggest online retailer in Germany? ›


Who are the largest eCommerce retailers in Germany? ›

Amazon.de is leading the German e-commerce market, with e-commerce net sales of US$18,556 million in 2021 generated in Germany, followed by otto.de with US$6,064 million. Third place is taken by zalando.de with revenues of US$2,976 million.

Which eCommerce is best in Germany? ›

Amazon.de is the industry leader in Germany, with e-commerce net sales of US$ 16,836 million expected in 2023 and with estimated monthly traffic of 434.5 million visits.

What is the most sold item in Germany? ›

Clothing ranked first among products bought online in Germany in 2021, generating 19.27 billion euros in revenue. Consumer electronics and telecommunication products were the next most popular choice for online shoppers.

What are the most sold products online in Germany? ›

Among top products purchased by German online buyers are clothing/footwear, books, home electronics, CDs and films/DVDs.

Who are the key retailers in Germany? ›

Based on estimated gross sale figures, Edeka was the leading retailer in Germany in 2021, with 69.3 billion euros. Amazon and Schwarz Group came in second and third in the ranking, with estimated gross sales of 60.9 billion euros and 57.4 billion euros, respectively.

What is the most popular store in Germany? ›

Turnover generated during 2021 in Million €
2Schwarz (Lidl & Kaufland)48,400
3Rewe33,940 (e)
6 more rows

How popular is online Shopping in Germany? ›

Ninety-five percent of Internet users in Germany 16 years of age and older purchase goods and services online. This corresponds to 58 million digital buyers according to digital association Bitkom.

Who is the largest retailer in Germany? ›

With a turnover of €62.7 billion in 2021, Edeka is the largest supermarket retail chain in Germany. Edeka operates several banners, including Edeka, Marktkauf, Netto, NP Niedrig-Preis, Diska and SPAR Express. Edeka has a network of 11,126 stores (estimated) across the country as of this year.

Who is the number 1 largest e-commerce company? ›

Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is the largest e-commerce company in the world in terms of both market cap and revenue. With its international operations, Amazon beats China's market leaders in terms of revenue. While in Asia, Alibaba Group Holding Limited (NYSE:BABA), Pinduoduo Inc.

How big is the eCommerce market in Germany? ›

Market development

Germany is the 5th largest market for eCommerce with a predicted revenue of US$125,452.7 million by 2023, placing it ahead of South Korea. Revenue is expected to show a compound annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 8.7%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$175,260.9 million by 2027.

What is in high demand in Germany? ›

Data science and information technology (IT) experts are in high demand in Germany due to the country's strong economy and high technological development. As businesses increasingly rely on data to make informed decisions, there is a growing need for data analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence experts.

What is the most in demand in Germany? ›

  • Computer science / IT and software development.
  • Electronics engineering.
  • Mechanical engineering.
  • Account management and business analytics.
  • Nursing and Healthcare.
  • Civil engineering and architecture.

What is similar to Ebay in Germany? ›

Top ebay-kleinanzeigen.de Competitors and Alternatives
  • ebay.de. Discover how your top competitor's audience surfs the web so you can tailor your website experience perfectly at every stage of the customer journey. ...
  • amazon.de. ...
  • idealo.de. ...
  • etsy.com. ...
  • otto.de. ...
  • kaufland.de. ...
  • pinterest.de.

What is the number 1 industry in Germany? ›

What are the largest sectors in Germany? Four sectors dominate German industry: the automotive, mechanical engineering, chemical and electrical industry. Global players are Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW (all automotive), BASF, the world's largest chemical company with around 118,000 employees, and Siemens (electrical).

What do Germans buy on Amazon? ›

Electronics and tech are popular on every Amazon outlet, whether it's the United Kingdom, the US or Germany. Headphones and instant films lead the way with a variety of replacement cables and smartphone accessories coming in behind.

What sells well in Germany? ›

Top selling products in Germany
  • Apparels.
  • Electronic gadgets & accessories.
  • Kitchen & Home Essentials.
  • Shoes.
  • Books.
  • Athleisure.
  • Video games & Toys.
  • Home Decor.
Sep 28, 2022

What is the German equivalent of Etsy? ›

DeWanda. If you are seeing success on the Etsy marketplace, then you should consider DeWanda, as it has a very similar customer profile. Specifically, DeWanda is a marketplace for handmade products, and is provided in 7 languages, so that you can sell in all of the countries.

What product is popular in Germany? ›

Bread. Bread is a huge part of German culture. Every region in the country has its own type of bread that's made with different techniques and ingredients - typically lighter breads come from the south, and dark, heavy breads are baked in the north. In total, there are over 300 different styles of bread in Germany!

What are the most sold products online in Europe? ›

Top Selling Products in Europe
  • Clothing and Footwear.
  • Books.
  • Electronics.
  • Food, Cosmetics, and Pharmaceuticals.
  • Furniture and Home Goods.

What is the German version of target? ›

Target and Monoprix are general purpose mini-dept.

Who are the top issuers in Germany? ›

Germany Cards and Payments Market Report Overview
Market Size (2022)$478.80 billion
Leading PlayersDSGV, BVR, Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, ING Bank, Landesbank, Credit Mutuel, UniCredit Bank, Santander, and Diners Club
5 more rows
Feb 1, 2023

What is the most popular clothing in Germany? ›

The best-known traditional outfit worn by women in (southern) Germany - the Frauentracht - is the Dirndl. A Dirndl is a women's dress, consisting of four main components: a bodice (connected at the front), a skirt, a shirt (worn underneath the bodice) and an apron (worn at the front, on top of the skirt).

What brand is popular in Germany? ›

Famous fashion brands include MCM, Hugo Boss, Adidas, PUMA, Escada, JOOP!, Bruno Banani, Jil Sander, Triumph, Schiesser, Closed, Reusch, Valisere, Jack Wolfskin, Ulla Popken, Buffalo, Rohde, Marc O'Polo, Tom Tailor, s. Oliver, Esprit, Wunderkind, Seidensticker, Windsor., Jaques Britt, Naketano.

What are the huge German brands? ›

Well-known international brands include Mercedes-Benz, BMW, SAP, Volkswagen, Audi, Siemens, Allianz, Adidas, Porsche, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Bank and Bosch. Germany is recognised for its large portion of specialised small and medium enterprises, known as the Mittelstand model.

What is the biggest discounter in Germany? ›

Aldi, Lidl, Netto.

What is the trend in e-commerce in Germany? ›

Germany has one of the largest e-commerce markets in Europe. The number of e-commerce consumers, internet penetration and average amount spent per year is above the European average. In 2021, total sales amounted to USD 127.5 billion, which translates to a 24 percent growth compared to 2020.

What is the most used online shopping? ›

amazon.com is ranked number 1 as the most popular website in the eCommerce & Shopping category in April 2023. The average amount of time that users spend on the website is 00:07:06 minutes, and they see, on average, 9.21 pages per visit.

What are the top online clothing stores in Germany? ›

Most Visited Fashion and Apparel Websites in Germany
1zalando.deLifestyle > Fashion and Apparel
2aboutyou.deLifestyle > Fashion and Apparel
3bonprix.deLifestyle > Fashion and Apparel
4hm.comLifestyle > Fashion and Apparel
1 more row

What is the biggest brand in Germany? ›


What is the biggest business in Germany? ›

Ranked: Biggest Companies in Germany by Market Capitalization
  • SAP SE: $143 billion.
  • SIEMENS AG: $119 billion.
  • DEUTSCHE TELEKOM AG: $116 billion.
  • PORSCHE AG: $110 billion.
  • ALLIANZ SE: $88 billion.
  • MERCEDES-BENZ GROUP AG: $80 billion.
  • MERCK KGAA: $78 billion.
  • VOLKSWAGEN AG: $73 billion.
Mar 27, 2023

What are 4 of the large companies based in Germany? ›

2022 GlobalDatabase list
2Daimler AGStuttgart
26 more rows

Do Germans shop online? ›

German consumers buy a lot and often, and most of them are familiar with e-commerce (over 62 million online shoppers last year). Germany is also well situated for access in terms of logistics.

Do Germans use Etsy? ›

Etsy, the American e-commerce online platform was founded in 2005 and since then has established itself on the German market.

Who are the biggest competitors to Etsy? ›

The Best Etsy Alternatives of 2023
  • Shopify: Best for established businesses.
  • Amazon Handmade: Best for those already selling on Amazon.
  • Wix: Best for do-it-yourself (DIY)-minded users.
  • Weebly: Best for users on a budget.
  • Squarespace: Best for large volume sellers.
Apr 24, 2023

What is the forecast for e-commerce in Germany? ›

The Germany E-commerce Market is growing at a CAGR of 11.2% over the next 5 years.

Which are the fastest growing e-commerce markets in Europe? ›

Italy is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets in Europe. This market is dominated by companies such as Amazon and Zalando. Spain is also one of Europe's fastest-growing e-commerce markets. Companies like Amazon and El Corte Ingles dominate this market.

Which country is the fastest growing e-commerce market? ›

China. China is the world's biggest e-commerce market, led by e-commerce subsidiaries of the Alibaba group – Taobao, Alibaba.com and Tmall.

What is the most popular clothing brand in Germany? ›

One of the most famous German brands is the high fashion one – Hugo Boss. Year by year, it is getting more reliable buyers, and thus the brand is making more money. In last year Hugo Boss revenues reached 2.88 bn EUR. It was the highest amount since the begging of this century.

Where can I sell things online in Germany? ›

Fasten your seatbelt!
  • Kaufland.de. Kaufland.de is a combination of high brand awareness and state-of-the-art platform technology. ...
  • Amazon Germany. The well-known sales platform is also available in Germany. ...
  • Yatego. Yatego is often called an online shopping mall. ...
  • Etsy Germany. ...
  • Booking.com Germany. ...
  • Zalando. ...
  • eBay. ...
  • eBay Kleinzeigen.

What is the best German website for used items? ›

Luckily, there are now a number of websites and apps to buy and sell used items. Among the most widely used in Germany are Vinted (formerly known as 'Kleiderkreisel') and Zalando Zircle.

What to buy online from Germany? ›

Clothing and accessories, shoes, books, electronics, as well as medicines and drugstore articles remain the most popular items for German online shoppers [3] .


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