10 Great Business Meeting Email Request Examples (2023)

Most cold emails end up in the spam folder...

In fact, only 40% of sales teams reportCold email as a powerful tool to increase sales.

Because Google filters email ruthlessly and recipients have little tolerance for bullshit, it's important that your business engagement emails stand out while following proper email guidelines...

And in this guide, I'll show you how to do it.

Because, in the end, the best cold emails are the ones you create yourself.

Then read on for a crash course in writing business meeting requests that get opened, read, and responded to.

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What are the key elements of a business meeting request email?

First things first: let's think about what we really want to achieve here.

When I use the phrase "business meeting request email," I'm not referring to a request for a one-on-one meeting with your manager or a campaign briefing with your team.

(You can use a built-in email follow-up tool for this.)

I'm specifically talking aboutreach a potential customer.

A way of... ofmake a meetinga call, a video conference, a briefing –to discuss how your product can solve their problems... and then sell it to them.

You may already be in a relationship with this person or it may be your first time getting in touch with them...

Or maybe you got dates through a mutual connection, met at a networking event, orI found her on LinkedIn

It doesn't matter as long as you have these 10 booking requestsemail templatesWith your hand, you can effectively scale yourScope of sales commitmentand close more deals faster.

The RAP model

There's a simple rule of thumb you can follow to structure your appointment request emails, regardless of your relationship to the prospect. It is called the RAP model:

  • R - Type aReasonwrite
  • A - Request a specificAction
  • P - final messageprofessionally

This is what it looks like in action:

10 Great Business Meeting Email Request Examples (1)

There are also some other principles to remember. How to keep his sentences short and simple, his subject lines short and to the point, andPersonalization of your emailas much as possible.

All of this helps your email look authentic and not like something that's part of a Mass Email Explosion.

Now, before we dive into our email examples and get a better idea of ​​the powerful RAP formula, let's discuss the first thing to do before thinking about it.write an email.

What to do before writing a meeting request email

Find and validate email address

Imagine spending hours searching for the perfect lead, writing the perfect email, crafting the perfect subject line...tuesday 10 a.m.. — when appointment request emails are most likely to be opened...

Only to get "address not found" at the end.

10 Great Business Meeting Email Request Examples (2)

Not only have you wasted hours of your time, but you've also lowered your sender score, making your emails more likely to end up in the spam folder in the future.

That's why you should alwaysvalidate your prospect's email addresscom Voila Norbert – orbest email lookup toolnot market.

With Norbert, email validation is very easy. Just copy and paste your email into the magic box and click confirm:

10 Great Business Meeting Email Request Examples (3)

or import an entire CSV list:

10 Great Business Meeting Email Request Examples (4)

Norbert charges only $2 for 900 checks. (In other words, that's a third of a cent per email.) A small price to pay to make sure your emails get to the right inbox and keep your emailsEmail Sender Reputationintact.

(Video) How To Write A Meeting Request & Follow-Up - Business English Emails

Oh, and if you don't have email addresses, you can just give Norbert your prospect's name and website URL and Norbert will send you a quality email address in less than a second.

10 Great Business Meeting Email Request Examples (5)

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Examples of Great Meeting Request Emails

Here are 10 sample meeting request emails, the ones thatGet in front of your prospects and schedule meetings.

Definitely not the type of writing you would see on social media. It also doesn't compare to any college assignment you've ever done. But with practice, you'll quickly understand what it means to write a great meeting request email.

Feel free to adapt them to your own situation and recipients.

Example 1: Professional Cold Email #1

This is an ideal email to get in touch with someone who doesn't know you. Here's an idea of ​​how it should look. Try following the RAP formula:

* * *

Hare [Customer name],

I am [your name], and I work in [your point of view] No [your business]. We are specialists in [detailed activities]. How are you a leader?Role of the prospect's company] within our niche, I think it would be in our mutual interest to work together. In particular, you benefit from having access to our consulting team and award-winning suite of products.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to a meeting in [Location], No [suggested date and time] if we can discuss this further.

Feel free to suggest another time and place if that doesn't work for you.

With the best wishes,

[your name]

* * *

This email is more formal. You can adjust the level of formality depending on the situation. Also note the closed call to action.have a call to actionThis eliminates any decisions your prospects have to make. If you have time, you can simply answer "yes."

Example 2: Professional Cold Email #2

Hare [Customer name],

I am [your name], and I work in [your point of view] No [your business]. Our companies operate in the same niche, so I think we could both benefit from working together.

Our suite of products is specifically designed for [product purpose] and could really help with [Prospect pain points], so I'd like to talk about how we could work together. You can freely find yourself at [Location] One [Date and Time] to talk about it?

I am looking forward to your response.

Have a nice day,

[your name]

Example 3: Cold email with your credentials

Cold emails are the hardest way to get in touch with your prospect, and also one of the most powerful. For it to work, you have to show that you are someone worthwhile.

* * *

Hola [Lead name],

I am [your name] and I'm with [company name] Specialized in [what are you doing]. We have built a client base ranging from venture-backed startups to Fortune 500 companies such as [known customers].

Not as [other companies in your niche] We approach growing companies differently. We act quickly, and if we think we're not a good fit for you, we'll let you know ahead of time.

Do you have time for a chat in [time options] to discuss how we can help you with [possible pain points]?

With the best wishes,

[your name]

* * *

(Video) Stop Beginning Your Speeches with Good Morning and Thank You and Start with This Instead

Here we present some of our clients. Be sure to choose the ones that are similar to the business you are targeting. You can also go a step further and write a one-sentence customer case study instead of a task.

For example, if you offer a pizzeria, show what you did for another pizzeria: "Last month, we increased Crusty Pizza's average order value by 5.3%."

Example 4: Contacting someone you recently met

If you're reaching out to someone you met recently, you may want to keep your emails shorter and more informal. Chances are they already know who you are, what you do, who you work for, and why you are contacting them.

But if that's not the case, feel free to extend this next email accordingly.

* * *

No [Lead name]!

We met in [Cair] ayer.

It felt like you were in one of the [your services] We offer.

Would you like to schedule a quick meeting* this week to see what we can do?

Let me know when it's available.


[your name]

*When I say fast it is true, we limit ourselves to a maximum of 15 minutes. I know you are busy!

* * *

Depending on how long or memorable your conversation was, jog your prospect's memory by providing more details about the circumstances of your meeting.

But even if your conversation was fleeting and memorable, the mere mention that you were at the same event induces an "association bias" that makes it more likely that the prospect will respond positively.

Example 5 – Cold email highlighting a problem

If you can spot a problem with your prospect, send them an email like this:

* * *

Hola [Customer name],

I was inYour placeyesterday to [case of use] when I noticed a problem. [Please provide brief details].

I am one [Work description] and fixed the same issue for many other companies including [customer names], then I could definitely do the same for you. I would help you [Troubleshooting Benefits].

I have some time next week to talk about it. Here is a link to my meeting planner [include link].


[your name]

* * *

This email can work wonders if you choose the right questions. Also, without outlining a clear solution, you create an open loop in the prospect's mind that causes mild discomfort, discomfort that can be removed simply by scheduling a meeting with you.

Example 6: cold email for SaaS companies

Companies in a certain growth phase almost always face the same obstacles. Group your prospects into categories by revenue and list two or three ways your product or service can help them reach the next stage of growth.

* * *

Hola [Customer name],

You guys are doing amazing things in [customer industry] Space.

I am writing you an email because my company, [company name], has helped many companies in positions similar to:

(Video) How to write meeting minutes LIKE A PRO [With meeting minutes example!]

  • [product benefit]
  • [product benefit]
  • [product benefit]

we have with [customer names] in the past and I'd love to do the same for you

It would be great to learn more about your company and see if you would be a good match. Do you have five minutes to talk this week?


[your name]

* * *

The difference between this email and the previous one is that this one focuses on the positive benefits while the previous one focuses on the negative aspects. In some situations, it is not possible to highlight an issue for your potential customer. (Think about accounting: how the heck are you going to find out if your prospect is filing their taxes correctly?) In cases like these, you're better off using a solid, benefits-based cold email.

Example 7: Email requesting a product demo

A product demo takes abstract ideas (such as product features and benefits) and puts them into practice: it makes it easy for your potential customers to visualize how to integrate the product into their lives.

Done right, an in-person demo can make a lasting impression, increasing your chances of closing a deal.

* * *

Hola [Customer name],

I am [your name] outside [company name]. we do [company specialty] for clients like [customer names].

Growing companies depend on us every day to power their [product area]. When they chose us, they liked:

  • [product benefit]
  • [product benefit]
  • [product benefit]

We currently offer 10 minute demos. Would you like to schedule a consultation? [link to developer].


[your name]

* * *

Be sure to present only the most relevant benefits of your product. Including non-relevant product benefits in your email will make your main benefits seem secondary, thus reducing the perceived value of your product.

Example 8: Cold Meeting Request and Client Reference

Social proof like case studies and customer testimonials make your cold email as engaging as possible. Select testimonials that speak directly to what you have done for your client and the results you have achieved. Avoid testimonials with vague statements praising your work.

* * *

Hola [Customer name],

Like one [your professional role] in your business, I wanted you for [your company name].

We work with companies like [Customer company name] In your [product area] and helps them:

  • [product benefit]
  • [product benefit]
  • [product benefit]

But don't just take my word for it: listen to one of our customers [Client name, position and company]:

„[Brief client testimonial, no more than two sentences]“

I would like to show you how we can do the same for [Customer company name]. Do you have time for a short talk this week?


[your name]

* * *

Also, make sure the testimonial is from someone who works in the same industry and has the same job title as your prospect. People are more open to receiving advice from someone in the same situation.

Example 9: Use questions to demonstrate your experience

Asking the right questions makes you sound knowledgeable. After all, before you ask thoughtful questions, you need to have a thorough understanding of the topic, and your prospects intuitively know this.

When you know your topic inside and out, you can see connections that others don't. And when he points out a connection his prospects don't know about, he evokes an "aha" moment and immediately grabs their attention.

(Video) Introduce Your Company And Product Or Service - Business English Emails

* * *

Hola [First name],

You and your team use [third party service]? Do you want it to offer additional features? Wouldn't you love it if you couldList the benefits of your product]?

Very cute, right?

We thought so too, so we implemented it.

I am [your name] outside [company name]. We give companies like yours the power to [Expand benefits listed in email intro].

Sounds like something you'd like to try? What if you could try it for free?

I'd like to offer you a free trial and show you how it all works. Here is my calendar [link to calendar] to make an appointment this or next week.


[your name]

* * *

Try to find some insightful questions that will make your prospects think, see things in a new way, or open their minds to new possibilities. Is not easy. And it will take a lot of trial and error. But the results are worth it.

Example 10: The brutally honest approach

Sometimes it's better to be completely honest and not worry about the fact that you found your potential customer while using.various prospecting tools. At the end of the day, you're here to do business, and anyone who gets a meeting request email knows it.

* * *

No [Customer name],

[your name] Here. You don't know me, but I found you on LinkedIn and I know that people like you often end with [pain points].

You are lucky because I can [Solution]. One of my clients, [company name], even reached [Earnings related to your service].

Would you be interested in a quick 15 minute call to learn more?

If yes, please click here tomake a call[link to developer].

If not, tell me you're not interested, I'm not easily offended.

I am looking forward to your response!

[your name]

* * *

It's best to create this email yourself, choosing the words and dictating the cadence of your sentences. Let your authenticity and your personal brand shine through. After all, for many potential customers, the business relationship they establish is just as important as the product they buy.

Now is your turn!

I hope you enjoyed reading my 10 Meeting Request Email Examples.

Which meeting request email template will you try first?

How are you going to change it?

Or create your own from scratch?

Anyway, let me know in the comments below!


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